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Who: Desco and OPEN
Where: Everywhere!
Summary: Everything is Desco and nothing hurts.
Warnings: Desco

Really, it's your own fault for leaving her unsupervised. )


Jul. 12th, 2014 11:14 pm
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e x o r c i s m

Who: Characters who signed up here.
Where: Outside the dome, Pluto Zone
Summary: It's angel hunting time.
They have some birds to shoot down. )
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Who: Anyone
Where: The entire city
When: July 7th
Summary: The Star Festival. Possibly one of the last time your heroes will be able to relax, so enjoy it!
Warnings: That depends who is there. Remember to mark your titles clearly if any warnings need to be issued!

The bamboo leaves rustle,
shaking away in the eaves.
The stars twinkle
on the gold and silver grains of sand.
The five-colour paper strips
I have already written.
The stars twinkle,
they watch us from heaven.

It is perhaps the most classical love story that most of the Hinoto-Ri natives knew about; the story of Orihime, the weaving goddess, and Hikoboshi. Instantly falling in love, the two gods would often forget about their duties to the point of negligence in order to be together, so much so that the other gods forcibly separated them. Crying for each other's comfort, they were allowed to visit each other on the 7th day of the 7th month...as long as it didn't rain.

Today, the sun is high in the air, a small wind making the overall experience not too unpleasant. Clearly it's a time for celebration so the lovers may meet again.

Event Information )
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Who: Taro and OPEN
Where: Capricorn, in the Central Park
Summary: Taro may originally be Japanese but he's been in America long enough to consider himself American. Certain traditions should be followed.
Warnings: ... Not really.
Music: America Fuck Yeah [NSFW]



Jul. 1st, 2014 08:26 pm
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Who: Takakage and a couple of people. Semi-open; if you want to jump in, ping me on plurk first and we can arrange something.
Where: Leo Ward, in the hospital
Summary: Someone finally wakes up to 2085947585 COMP messages.

you're recovering quite quickly for someone in a comatose state )

[ ooc: Takakage is going to send individual messages to people he knows, so there will be 'sub-threads' for each person. Ping me if you would like one! ]
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Who: Open to all (but especially Nanami)!
Where: A nice little bakery in the Virgo district, thankfully undamaged despite all the recent happenings.
Summary: Shelly has been productive.
Warnings: None for now, aside from ordinary, vague Shelly-grade creepiness.

Surely, such a friendly face couldn't be hiding anything! )

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Who: Open to All
Where: Everywhere inside the city
When: From the 24th of June and Onward
Summary: Demon apps get tested, new foes join the brawl!
Warnings: Depends on the players!

After Naoya's post on the network, Visitors would find themselves with a new add-on; a sort of digital demon taming application that would allow them to befriend the creatures that roamed the city and sway them to their side.

But they were still new in this art. It was a dangerous first step, but someone had to do it for the good of the city... right?

[OOC: This log will take place on the 24th, but from now on a log will be posted each month to be able to capture demons. Moreover you'll be able to request them whenever you like!

As of a note, remember that from now on, the 13TH HOUR WILL LAST 2 HOURS INSTEAD OF ONE so if you want to include that in one of your prompts, please go for it!

Characters can start their own threads, or reply to others. Subjects should include your character's current level as this will influence the type of demon they can run into and tame! Please have fun, and enjoy! Characters are HIGHLY encouraged to mingle with each other. Demons may show up in certain threads too, so keep your eyes peeled and have fun with each other!]
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Who: Takakage and Kotoha
When: Backdated to the evening of June 7th
Where: Aquarius and Leo Wards
Summary: Kotoha forcibly hauls Takakage to the hospital for a checkup.
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Where: The Velvet Room
Summary: Someone had a dream and was given an item, then decided to do something about it.
When: June 7th
Warnings: Is someone really gonna try putting the key in Igor's nose?

This wasn't a normal trip to the Velvet Room for a switch of persona or a quest. No, there was a reason behind it, as the three had an item that perhaps could be answered by the residents of the venue. As the glowing blue door is opened, the sounds of life and the city grow quiet.

They appear in one of the many blue and white cabins of the Velvet Train, as the train continues to move around in the air. Soft and comforting music can be heard in the background, calming the souls of those who enter. The windows are open and outside a breathtaking view of a starry night sky.

Well, now it was up to them to decide what to do. Time to run to the bar cabin, or make a plan in this area first?
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Who: Open to All
Where: INSIDE the city & the Mictlan
When: From the 9th until the early morning of the 16th.
Summary: A town meeting and temple pillaging
Warnings: Depends on the players!
Music: This one | Map: See the Temple Layout for each level

At Q's Request, Visitors gather near the remains of town hall. The half destroyed stone structure stands with three walls to serve as office, along with one undamaged desk. The situation is dire and serious.

Q is standing looking at a map along with the mayor, his assistant, Isabelle, and the Commissioner General of the Hinoto-Ri Police Force. When they see Visitors arriving, they silently nod, waiting for the time to address them all. There's not much to do, but the place is in shambles, and people are moving all around.

Members of the police and MAGI are slowly carting away pieces of the barrier that had fallen down. Perhaps it would be possible to grab a small, chipped part of it when they aren't looking? Or maybe Visitors can conduct a search in the debris nearby on their own accord...that seems less like stealing.



The Mictlan stands defiant against the reddish moon. The monsters around have become more bold, waiting to attack Visitors as they watch the city rise at night. Thankfully a few police officers have been tasked to aid them in collecting the Plumes of Dusk.

"Are you in teams yet," Q asks, as members of MAGI around him carry containers that will be used to collect the gathered items. Isabelle serves as the mayor's representative, and to count them as Visitors come back from their temple runs. Q is making sure everyone is safe...in his own way.

"Don't go in there alone like fools! Make sure you're working at least with someone else. We'll be keeping tabs up here for safety precautions. As soon as you're ready, let's get to work!"

Instructions )
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Who: Open to All (As of June 16th)
Where: OUTSIDE the city.
When: From the 9th until the early morning of the 23rd.
Summary: New arrivals find themselves in areas unexplored as the others search for them
Warnings: Depends on the players!
Music: This one | Map: Here | Additional Info: First mod post here | Second most post forthcoming.

You remember the words of the strange, butterfly-masked man. You can here to protect a city, correct? And yet... you seem to be nowhere near one. Perhaps he meant that city in the far off horizon, barely seen against a reflecting shield of glass?

Either way, you don't feel safe around here. Maybe it's a hunch, but you need to move and get somewhere safe. Before whatever is lurking around notices you.

The problem is... where should you go?

The teleporter worked!

...Except you're not exactly sure where you landed. Thankfully, you have a map that will update as you go, courtesy of the MAGI. It does appears to be working, so now its a question of snooping around....wait what was that noise?

Make sure you've noticed where the teleporters are located. You wouldn't want to get stuck in this strange outside world...

The zones... )

Instructions )
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Who: Open to All
Where: INSIDE the city.
When: From the 8th until the early morning of the 9th.
Summary: Something hits the barrier, and the entire city ends up in a state of panic.
Warnings: Depends on the players!

"Good morning, Hinoto-Ri! It is now eight in the morning, and time to buckle down for most of the working population! Please work hard for the sake of the city! Thank you! Weather today is more rain in the next hour and more rain until night in all the wards, no exceptions! The rain from the past few days continues to pour and--wait...what's that noise?"

Then came a rumble... )
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Who: Nanami, Open Invitation
Where: Streets of Hinoto-Ri, 13th Hour
Summary: If wandering around until you found a party worked for MMORPGs, why shouldn't it work here?
Warnings: nil

Single, sweet, and looking... .... ...... for people to eviscerate demons with. )
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Who: Sarah and Open
Where: Hinoto-Ri
Summary: It's time for the final meal.
Warnings: Still the same as before.

The message Sarah leaves on the Network is much shorter this time.

"Last time. Tsukuyomi."

And with that, she signs off. Time to eat.
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Who: Nanami and Takakage
Where: Some deserted street at the 13th Hour 
Summary:  Tutorials are terrible, but maybe skipping it for this game was a bad idea....
Warnings: Hints of SDR2 spoilers for Nanami I guess, but nothing much? 

How do I read an instruction manual that doesn't even exist? )
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Who: Sarah and OPEN
When: 13th Hour
Summary: Still hunting, but now there's a reason.
Warnings: Same as before.
Red in tooth and claw... )
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The murder of Cachou Anise has resonated throughout all of France... The assistant to the most renowned magicians in the entire world, she was also a celebrity in her own right as a model and a fashionista. The people of Paris are demanding blood.

An elderly British woman calling herself Minerva McGonagall is the prime suspect. Lacking any identification papers whatsoever, her presence at the scene of the crime is highly suspicious. She claims to have gotten lost within the building, but it is apparent that someone deliberately sabotaged the infamous Curtain Trick to cause the death of Anise. There's no known motive for this crime - but of course, that's what the trial is for.

The consequence for premeditated murder is execution. Defend Minerva McGonagall, find the real culprit, and return safely to the city of Hinoto-Ri.

The Court is Now in Session...

Clues So Far
Notes on the Crime Scene
Notes on the Victim
A Strange Item

((This section is primarily for the Defense Team, although there is a pre-court mingle where everyone can discuss. Investigation Team, please continue tagging the previous post as not all the clues have been found yet, and will be important for this section, but we need to try to proceed!))
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Who: Sarah and Open
Where: Hinoto-Ri
Summary: Sarah is hunting. God Eaters work best in packs.
Warnings: Sarah's powers are really gross.

They call us the Dogs of Fenrir for a reason... )
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The journey is far less painful than might be expected. After arriving in the Champ de Mars in Paris, the arriving strangers go unnoticed by the crowds all around, the people too busy whispering to each other in horror. Several are crying and others are carrying their children away from the Eiffel Tower which stands high above in the dark Paris night.

The area is hauntingly beautiful, with lights covering the trees of Paris's park and banners talking about the great Tic and Tac's final Parisian tour before going worldwide. So why is the entire place so somber?

The fact that the police are scrambling about is the first clue that something is very wrong. As the Visitors were warned, their powers are completely gone, leaving only their mundane skills. With no Persona to call on, it will make this entire journey far harder... but thankfully Minerva can be spotted close by.

But before anyone can do anything, she's being carried away by the policemen, put into a car, and carted off.  The police bar the perimeter, looking at you in annoyance.

"Mesdames et Messieurs, the show is over, and this area is a crime scene. Please move back so as not to cause issues with the investigation."

It seems something terrible has happened...

But just as you're pondering your next move, another car screeches up beside the yellow tape, and a man with a fervent expression and a rather alarming mustache leaps out of the car.  Gesticulating wildly, he descends upon the scene like a storm of extravagantly expensive cologne.

"Get back, get back!  A terrible crime has occurred here!  And I, Chief Inspector Otto Gaffe, swear that I shall not rest until justice is served!"

A flailing arm barely avoids breaking a nose as he impatiently pushes you out of the way.

"Who are you?  ...Is that an attorney's badge?"

Perhaps this would be a good place to start.

((There will be no tag order so as to speed things along!  But each group should only respond to the portions marked for them (A, B, or Defense).  When all the necessary clues have been discovered, we will initiate Day 1 Court. You may respond!))
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Who: Kotoha and Fumi
Summary: Fumi's upset because Agatha Heterodyne is gone, so Kotoha has proposed a Girl's Day Out
Warnings: Standard Kotoha ridiculousness

Here's a little song I wrote, I think you should sing it note for note... )



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