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Who: Sébastien and OPEN
Where: Leo ward
Summary: Sébastien arrives in Hinoto-Ri on a cold evening.
Warnings: None so far?
It was very disorienting. It was not the first time he had woken from a dream into another, and it was never not the strangest feeling.

For a dream, thought, the realism was astonishing. Surveying the destruction around him, he could feel the bite of the cold December day on his skin, feel the uncleared rubble and snow under his feet, smell the disinfectant and cleaner from the hospital he had found himself standing near every time the automatic doors opened with a squeak, watch people with oddly clear and detailed faces looking at him strangely.

More strangely, the dream didn't seem to move on. He was rooted in place and nothing moved, nothing blurred, the scenery did not change. Looking around, he spotted a police station across the street. As his dreamstate visits to the police never ended well, Sébastien decided not to go. He would have to do something sooner than later, however, because his fingers and ears were starting to turn bright red from the cold.

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