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Wherein her shadow tries to convince Akane to embrace the family business.

Who: Akane, shadow!Akane, and OPEN
What: Akane and her shadow have words with one another. Things escalate.
Where: Outside the Ichiban Market
When: At night on the 20th
Warnings: Likely violence

[Two identical little girls are facing off in front of the ichiban market. Well, identical except that one of them has yellow eyes.]

Look at you. Playing around in a grocery store. Pretending that you can get by all on your own, living honestly and working for what you have.

[The shadow's voice is all but dripping sarcasm. Akane's response is defensive.]

I have been working hard! A-and I've been doing fine!

Sure you have. How far do you think you could get without the money they're just giving you? You'd be starving on the streets and you know it.

I have a job...

Oh, right. Good job with that too. Does Nee-chan know how close the market is to collapsing because you have no idea how to do anything useful?

[Akane falls silent, but the shadow doesn't let up.]

Why deny it? You know how much easier things are on the other side of the law. They say crime doesn't pay, but we know that's wrong. Fancy clothes, expensive cars, cool toys.... You can have anything you want if you're just willing to take it.

[Akane shakes her head firmly in denial.]

No! That isn't true!

Not true? Please. It worked for Daddy and Grandfather, didn't it? And is what they do really all that different from what Tom-san and Shizuo-nichan do? What makes you so much better than them?

I never said that! I just wanted to-!

[The shadow cuts her off.]

You know I do have some good news for you. You don't have to pretend anything with Nee-chan anymore. I told her everything already. She knows exactly what you are.

You don't know a thing about what I am! You don't know anything about me!

Don't be stupid. I know everything about you. I am you.

No you're not! You're not me!

[Intervene? Lurk and see where this goes? Make popcorn and watch the show? Someone should probably do something before this gets out of hand....]
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Okay, time for Kotoha to crash the party; Akane is a cool kid.

"Hey. Need any help?"
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You leave Akane-chan alone! She's a good girl!

[Looks like robo-nee-chan is here for backup too. SHE BELIEVES IN YOU, AKANE.]
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Kotoha holds up one hand.

"Um, scusi? I'd just like to note that hard work and honest effort totally does pay off; otherwise I wouldn't be one of the youngest millionaires in Unova."
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[Nano shakes her head.]

No, Akane-chan. I won't leave you alone to be bullied like this.
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"Well, I wouldn't have said anything unless I thought Akane had that kind of potential too, but oh well."

Slight pause as she hears what Akane has to say.

"Also, Akane, one of my friends used to be a high-ranking terrorist leader before I convinced him to live honestly. I don't think anyone here's going to reject you just because of your family. I certainly won't! You're awesome."
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It's okay, Akane-chan... I'm strong enough to stand up to her.

[Nano smiles, putting a hand on her shoulder.]

And so are you.

[She glances over to Kotoha with a small nod.]

See? You're not alone. Kotoha-san and I aren't going anywhere.
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A slight pause as Kotoha thinks things over and proceeds to throw in her two cents.

"Uh, like I said, I'm friends with a former terrorist. Whatever it is, I kind of doubt it's worse than 'literally tried to take over the world', so...feel free to tell us, okay? I promise I won't reject you."
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[If Nano can forgive Desco, she can forgive Akane. There's no way it's going to be even half as bad.]

Akane-chan... it's all right. We're your friends. Whatever happened, I know you must be sorry. You're not a bad person at all.
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[personal profile] unbroken_chain 2013-12-25 11:17 am (UTC)(link) Well. Kotoha will stare blankly for a second or two before thinking intensely.

'Tried' implies she didn't succeed, so at the very least there's that...okay, time to NOT PANIC.

"Did you have a reason?"

Plan NOT PANIC: success!
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[Also not what Nano was expecting to hear.]

B-but... you must have been tricked into it, right?
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Critical thinking is go. There's a lot about this that, for some reason.

Oh but first Kotoha is just going to give Akane a quick hug before pulling away and starting to talk.

"That was very brave of you. No matter what else, you've got courage, okay? And I still haven't heard anything that would make me stop being your friend."
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[And here comes a hug from the other side. Nano's not going to let Akane bear this sadness alone.]

If he knew where this man was and who had hired him, why didn't he go to the police? It wasn't fair of him to put that all on you!
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There's a slight pause.

" remind me of my friend, N. Even though his father was a criminal that treated him badly, N still made the effort to reach out to him. That's something that takes more than bravery - it takes love and hope, too. It's never wrong to hope for others to become better than they were."

Kotoha smiles.

"It's important to own up to your mistakes, but it's also important to not let them take over, okay? Shared problems lessen, after all!"
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That's right... and it says a lot that you're trying to live your life honestly now. It's good to love your family, but they made some bad choices that might come back to them someday, and it takes a lot of courage not to let those choices impact your own life the same way.

[Nano pats Akane on the head.]

What you did wasn't good either, but doesn't it feel better to admit to it? And if no one was really hurt... well, that doesn't change what you did, but at least you can be thankful that you didn't end up doing something that can't ever be taken back.

[Putting on her best reassuring smile, Nano nods.]

And maybe your father will realize that what he's doing is wrong and turn his life around before it's too late. Just because you love him doesn't mean you can't disagree with the things he's doing. He might need someone brave like you to show him there's a different way to live.
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Kotoha smiles before looking over at the Shadow.

"There you go, it's all out in the open. That's what you wanted, right? Now then..."

With that, she strides briskly over to the Shadow and gives it a quick hug.

"Now, why don't you go make up, huh?"
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Yes... I think it's time the two of you ended this.

[Nano nods, moving her hand to gently give a push on Akane's back even as she continues to support her with the other.]

Don't worry, we'll be right here with you.
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Kotoha grins.

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Are you all right, Akane-chan...? Do you need us to walk you home?
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Mind a new thread?

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[Otoha just... blinks in surprise. 'Other side of the law'... and family in it for a long time - ah. He tucks his hands into his pockets and approaches the two.]

You may be able to have anything physical you want... but it won't make you happy.
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It is. If I'm guessing right... it sounds like your family was involved in the yakuza, or something like it. Mine was, too.
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My father was the head of our local group. I wasn't really in line to take over, though.

... But I know what it's like to try to make a life without it. I know my morals aren't the same as most people. It can be hard. But that doesn't mean you should stop.
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[This... is going to require some careful talking, isn't it? He pauses before he responds.]

... I can see why some people would still care about their families. There were a lot of people who did have families they loved. My father never cared about me, so I didn't care about him much. But just because they did terrible things doesn't mean that you have to hate them.
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If they're people you care about, then that makes sense. Just because you don't want to get involved in it doesn't mean that you want them to get hurt, right? That's nothing to be ashamed of.

... There's a difference between doing the wrong things for the right reasons, and the wrong things for the wrong reasons. It sounds like your heart was in the right place.
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... You have to realize that some of them might not know how to change.

[He wouldn't have known how if he hadn't died. Or almost died. Whatever it was.]
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The only person you can change is yourself.