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Recruitment drive

Who: Misfit and OTA. second part closed to Misfit and Sarah Snowdon
Where: The streets of Hinoto-Ri
Summary: Misfit is out trying to recruit people to join her superhero team, and she wants you.
Warnings: None
[Part one, OTA

Misfit is walking the streets of the city today handing out flyers to any visitor she encounters. If you look at the flyer this is what it says:

Calling All Heroes

Do you have powers?
Can you do amazing things?
Do you just want to help the city of Hinoto-Ri?

The Birds of Prey are the answer to all your needs! The Birds of Prey are Hinoto-Ri's first superhero team. We are actively looking for new recruits who want to help make the city a better place by fighting crime and hunting demons. We will help out in any crisis! We want you!

Based in Libra Apartment 8-07 The Knight Academy in the Aquarius ward.

If you have any questions, comments, or requests please contact Misfit via the network.

Try outs will take place soon.

Part 2, closed

Misfit actually climbs the stairs and knocks on Sarah's door rather than just teleporting. She's a bit nervous about what she's about to propose. She stands at Sarah's door fidgeting with her flyer and waiting for an answer.]
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The expression on Sarah's face goes from neutral to quietly happy as she opens the door and sees Misfit.

"Hey. Come in."

She steps back, allowing Misfit inside - she's not entirely sure why Misfit isn't just teleporting in, but hey.
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Sarah manages to restrain herself to a tiny grin instead of outright laughter; it's hilarious how seriously Misfit is taking this. So, in honor of that, she'll refrain from teasing her.

"Okay, I'm in."
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"Ah, a couple questions, first."

Sarah leans forward a little to emphasize her points.

"When you say 'base' - will it have living quarters?"
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"It might be easier if I can, yeah..."

A slight pause.

"I need a safe place to store my God Arc, so that it doesn't devour anyone. This might be it."
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There's a brief moment where Sarah drums her fingers on the table before looking Misfit directly in the eyes.

"Okay, I'm going to lay it all on the table; you deserve the truth. I'm genetically attuned to my Arc - it views me as an extension of itself, which is why I can wield it. Anything else is just food."

Slight pause.

"If all it did was eat anyone that tried to steal it, however, I wouldn't be so paranoid about security. If someone genetically compatible tries to touch it, however...the Arc will forcibly initiate an assimilation process, turning them into an Aragami, forced to watch helplessly as their body mutates out of control into a man-eating monster."

She stares at her left arm for a long moment.

"I'm speaking from personal experience here. The only reason it was just my arm that was affected is because I already had genemods in place that limited the damage."
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"I think I'll just keep my arc there."

Sarah blinks a little, clearly startled by the question, before relaxing and smiling.

"Hah...don't worry. Nothing's going to happen because of my arm."
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...Hold on for a second here.

[If the obvious superhero costume isn't a sign, the fact that this call is coming from someone named 'Phantom Girl' probably is a tip-off.]

How do we know you're even qualified to have a team? Has anyone tried out you?
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I'd have to see about that.

I'm Phantom Girl - Phantom Girl of the Legion of Superheroes of the 31st Century. We do Legion auditions all the time. You wouldn't believe the kinds of things I've seen.
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Wha -- You can't just accept people like that! I could have just been making it up. And I never said I was going to join your team.
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Like I said. We need to test each other first. Isn't this what superheroes do in your world?

Five minute spar - what do you say?
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Let's meet in the big park. There's more room there.
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[Phantom Girl seems surprised for a moment.]

Teleporter, huh?

[Then she vanishes as well. ...Misfit may already be at the park when Phantom Girl drops in from above.]
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I mean, we're just getting a sense of how we fight, right? 5 minute spar, like I said. No lethal blows and no like, cheap shots or anything, but other than that... anything's fine with me.