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Recruitment drive

Who: Misfit and OTA. second part closed to Misfit and Sarah Snowdon
Where: The streets of Hinoto-Ri
Summary: Misfit is out trying to recruit people to join her superhero team, and she wants you.
Warnings: None
[Part one, OTA

Misfit is walking the streets of the city today handing out flyers to any visitor she encounters. If you look at the flyer this is what it says:

Calling All Heroes

Do you have powers?
Can you do amazing things?
Do you just want to help the city of Hinoto-Ri?

The Birds of Prey are the answer to all your needs! The Birds of Prey are Hinoto-Ri's first superhero team. We are actively looking for new recruits who want to help make the city a better place by fighting crime and hunting demons. We will help out in any crisis! We want you!

Based in Libra Apartment 8-07 The Knight Academy in the Aquarius ward.

If you have any questions, comments, or requests please contact Misfit via the network.

Try outs will take place soon.

Part 2, closed

Misfit actually climbs the stairs and knocks on Sarah's door rather than just teleporting. She's a bit nervous about what she's about to propose. She stands at Sarah's door fidgeting with her flyer and waiting for an answer.]

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