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Saved By The Bell

Who: Open to all students
Where: School!
Summary: Mandatory education means school time shenanigans.
Warnings: Teenagers being teenagers?

Ever since the Compulsory Visitor Education Act was passed, the Visitors of Hinoto-Ri have had to attend classes at a variety of schools according to their age and inclinations. There's always something happening in the schools, especially since even demon children are students there!

1. Homeroom! The teacher hasn't arrived yet, so the students are free to chat among themselves, review their schedules, or browse the Network.

2. Lunchtime! It's the perfect time to kick back, relax, and chat with your friends and classmates. There might even be a classical love-love confession on the school rooftop!

3. Physical Education! Get those bodies moving! What better opportunity to show off your athletic prowess exists?

4. School's out! Do you have a club to attend? Do you need to pack up quickly to make it to your part-time job? Do you just want to leave?

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