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Delayed Arrival

Who: Anyone
Where: The tail end of Aquarius
When: The 15th of January
Summary: Some people like to make a dramatic re-entry. Kandori and Q rearrive in ~style~
Warnings: Danger?

After the Coming of Age celebration, the city was quiet for the next two least until the 13th Hour. As the clocks stopped working, the night sky suddenly lit up as bright as day - onlookers gaped and townspeople screamed in terror as a large object, the source of the light, streaked across the sky, leaving a trail behind.

Those out patrolling could have easily followed its path as it flew close to most buildings before disappearing and slamming into the barrier on the Aquarius sector. A loud sound echoed through most of the city, sounding like a bomb had gone off. For all the populace knew, that was exactly what had just happened. Thankfully, the barrier stood.

Then all was quiet again, save for the whispers and murmurs of the townspeople. No one would dare to venture closer to source of the panic, especially so far away from the central town and so close to a hub of demon activity.

...Or, at least, until the Visitors were all contacted and politely asked (more likely begged) to go see what was happening while the police continued to maintain status quo. They had a feeling that whatever had happened, the crash site would be heavily guarded.

Time to gather and go see what has happened exactly...
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Ruri sighed at the request, and started out to the impact site, walking along with the look of a technician who just had an executive request dumped on their lap while they were in the middle of doing something tedious but requiring a lot of concentration. Taking some of the ships sensor equipment with her she set out to look where the thing landed.

"Fine fine. I'll go look."
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Ruri looks over, but not with much urgency and shrugs. She's covered by the Nadesico and most demons are somewhat reasonable.

"Actually, I tend to find 'my territory' to be louder and phonier. That and if you look at the large metal ship over there it has me covered at 30 meters with several weapons. That being said though, if I'm in your space I'll gladly move along, or if you'd like a can of coffee, I'd be happy to share."
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She nods and reaches into her pack, pulling out and offering a warm can of coffee to each of them.

"Enjoy then. If there's anything else I can get for you or your friends feel free to ask. I can't guarantee I'll have it right away, but since this is your territory it is best to be a good guest."

With that she bows to them slightly.
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She peers at them, still deadpan as ever.

"Something bounced off the barrier, drove the city half insane, and is a mystery. I'm just seeing if it is something that will give me a headache. I don't really care beyond that. You haven't seen it, have you?"
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She peered over at the demons and nodded, "Would you like me to get them out of your territory then, so you can go back to the quiet?"

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Re: Searching for clues

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It's about time Dirk sees for himself what is going on around here: he decides this promptly after receiving the request. With a sword in his hand and a mission in mind Dirk almost feels like he's back in familiar territory-- he's prepared, aware, light on his feet as he travels quickly through the city farther and farther into the Aquarius district.

Based on the map on his glasses created from energy fluctuation analysis data, the crash site should be around here somewhere. The question is: what else isn't far behind? He's been told of Demons and Personas and the ongoing clash led by a front of Visitors charging into the fray, but hearing about it and experiencing those for himself are two very different things. As much as he never wants to admit doubting his martial capability bring in the dark when it comes to his own Persona is a serious tactical disadvantage. He only hopes what Dagran said about it awakening in times of danger applies to him, too.
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He knows something is wrong when the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. The noises rise and lash out from the darkness and Dirk tightens his grip on his sword; a real warrior can never let fear get the best of him. His Bro never did, so he can't either. Just a matter of mind over heart-- he's had a lifetime of experience compartmentalizing emotions, the logical fear of a malicious presence is just the next thing he shoves to the farthest corners of his brain.

With the neutralization of any nerves he might have had Dirk's deadpan sparks into a smartass smirk, "I'm taking some phallic puppets to Grandma. What's your problem?"
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"Mara?" Dirk keeps his eyes leveled with the creature as he approaches, face stony. He wonders if he can get some more information out of these monsters, figure out what's going on. Maybe they've seen something.
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The demons cinch in around him and Dirk knows he made a wrong move. His sword hand itches.

Time to change tactics.

"All I meant was: what the hell do I care if Mara's there? Screw 'em." He puts on his best "cocky asshole" expression and snorts dismissively.
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Dirk chuckles along as though he totally meant to make a joke. Of course he was making a joke, he is the master of jokes, he has jokes so off the chain they're out in the stratosphere with astronauts and Martians and shit--

Anyway, at least they're not actively hostile. Yet. What move goes next?

"So," He says as the laugher wanes, "What's up with y'all?"
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Did I actually just rap this to myself to makes sure it flows? Maybe.

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Well, go with the flow, right? And by flow, he means rap.

Drop the beat.

"I would say that's pretty fly
Flyer than that floating guy
Fly so high we own the sky
Wanna go? Let's take this ride.

Sharper than a shuriken
Can he rap? Well sure he can
What's goin' on? I ain't He-Man
I'm colder than ice
and I'm hotter than Hades
Am I going too fast?
Rhymes so mad they got rabies:

I'm spittin' out the rhythms getting bizzy puttin' demons in a tizzy
Poppin' fizzy so fast these bitches getting dizzy now
Are you dizzy yet? Askin' how high he is?
I said I warned you dawg, I tell you it keeps happenin'.
And happenin'
And happenin'
And happenin'--

Peace out."
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Haha thanks, glad you like my mad rhymez. :) They're fun to write

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Dirk wasn't sure what he expected, but it sure as hell wasn't that. Not that he was complaining-- he could get used to the hero treatment. And hey, if he was bringing rap to a new crowd, that was good, too.

They put him down and he chuckled, offering his hand to fistbump a demon or two.

"Thanks, dudes. You want a repeat performance I'll come back and hang out sometime, we can drop some sick beats togther." He upnodded and started to walk away, feeling a little more swagger in his step.
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Despite what has happened, someone looks a little less grumpy than usual. Just a tag.

"Ahh! There you are. I was beginning to wonder if we'd come back to the correct world or not.".
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[Fumi, on the other hand, looks amused.]

Welcome back. I assume Kandori is lurking around somewhere too if you're here.
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[Oh look a smart-ass, his face returns to its usual grumpiness in no-time flat.]

Yes. Yes I'm afraid he's probably around here somewhere. Went off by his own as usual.
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Hm. Shame. I was hoping to speak with him before he went back to the MAGI Building. You two missed quite a bit while you were gone.
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[Q stands up, dusting his jacket for a few seconds before speaking.]

Ahhh, it's as I thought. It appears that whatever magic was used to throw us in that portal caused a malfunction with the return devices I had interesting! [But very annoying.] How long have we been goon? What about the others?
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Several months. The rescue teams arrived on schedule without you.
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Several months?!

[Good Lord.]

It's only been a few minutes for us...and the city is still standing?
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You give us too little credit.
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Or too much.

[Adjusting his tie, he looks around.]

Not too much trouble to get to my location, I hope. Well miss, could you debrief me on our current situation?
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The good news is you haven't missed any more astrology monsters.

The bad news is the city is still being repaired from the attack that resulted in your disappearance. The damage was quite extensive.

The other good news is that the MAGI Facility is safe and secure. Agatha Heterodyne, Atsuro Kihara, and I have been taking care of things in the Wisemen's absence. Naoya has stepped into Brainstorm's role and is maintaining the network.
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[He thinks about this news for a few seconds in silence.]

So am I to assume that we're the only ones so far who have been rescued? Although I do suppose it is good to know that the research hasn't gone to waste. Who knows what they were building in there...
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I do. At least now.

[Fumi smirks.]

As to your earlier question, however - yes, you're the only ones who have been rescued so far. No other expeditions have been mounted as of yet.
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No doubt due to the materials required for such expedition. Still quite a dire situation with the others missing.

Is the trapezohedron safe? I was afraid the fiend would run off with it...[He says the word so perfectly too.] Well there's lots of work to be done, then, if we're to regain everyone.
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Safe and sound behind Kandori's system of innumerable and ridiculously complex arcane and technological locks. I haven't even seen it since your disappearance, although there has been at least one additional instance of its activation besides the one that sent us to the world the two of you were abducted to.
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Kandori (OTA)

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[Hey, who is the real crazy guy over there reading a newspaper with today's news despite the fact he's in one of the most dangerous part of the city--oh it's Kandori.

He looks about as concerned as...he normally is.]
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[At some point, he may have noticed a tiny clockwork robot with a single large eye staring up at him. It waits a few seconds, then scurries off.

Whether he noticed it or not, it will return with a young woman in tow.]

Oh, you're finally back. Good! I've been hoping for a chance to talk to you.
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[Who knows if Kandori saw it or not. In fact he didn't seem to quite care even when the young lady walked up, but lowered his newspaper after a few seconds.]

Is that so?

[He's pretty relaxed considering he's been missing for quite some time.]
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I'm Agatha Heterodyne. I took over your position at the MAGI building while you were gone.
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[If this guy was worried, he definitely wasn't showing it. Instead, tilting his head slightly, looking at her with a bit of interest. It's miniscule, hidden behind indifferent eyes.]

Well then, miss Agatha. How has the position been treating you?
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Pretty well!

[Encouraged, she continues with growing enthusiasm.]

It's given something interesting to do with my time. I recently began field tests on some of the weapons. After making some improvements, of course.
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Of course. [That's how the DEVA system started, after all...]

And what exactly are these improvements, miss Agatha?
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Well, I'm redesigning the suppressor to produce an area of effect instead of hitting targets one at a time. And I've managed to get a significant increase in the strength of the elemental guns.

Oh, but they still need more testing to find out how long it takes them to overload and explode.