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4th Words: Passing Engine's Rider

Who: Atoli and OPEN
Summary: Atoli cannot motorcycle to save her life.
Warnings: Mass panic and somewhat cartoony violence??

Atoli’s alarm clock had awoken her just a little too late. The way things were, she wasn’t going to get to her little meeting with Kotoha on time!

But as she ran down the stairs, one more option presented itself to her: her steam bike, which had sat there for months unused. It should still work fine...

Welp. Here goes nothing, she thought, as she got on and took off.

Not two minutes later she’s careening uncontrollably through the city, since video game vehicles are rarely designed to be practical. She doesn’t exactly consider this, though, and to be quite honest hadn’t.

You hear a faint, high-pitched screaming of “SOMEONE HELP ME STOP THIS THIIIIIIIIIING”, and may notice a light coming straight towards you.

[No, your character won’t be injured if they’re run over. Try anything.

Definitely inspired by this log.]
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Kotoha had almost managed to make it to the meeting point when she heard the screaming as Atoli zoomed past her on some kind of steampunk bike. She wastes a few seconds staring and trying to figure out what just happened before she snaps out of it and reaches into her bag.

It only takes her a few seconds to unfold and mount her bicycle, pedaling like the wind after Atoli.
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Kotoha eyes the steam bike and comes to a decision - reaching down to her belt, she draws out one of her Pokeballs and throws it forward, releasing Tesla.

"Tesla! Keep that bike from moving!"

As the Magnezone buzzes in response, a magnetic field is emitted from its spinning magnets, latching onto the metal bits of the steam cycle.
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...well crud. The extra speed is enough to outdistance Kotoha, who reluctantly recalls Tesla and brakes her bicycle - no point in trying to keep up with that now.

"Solar Logos!"

As she dismounts the bike and kicks it back into the collapsed form, she summons forth her Volcarona. Shoving the collapsed bike back into her bag, she clambers onto Solar Logos' back and directs the sunmoth to fly after the steam bike.
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Kotoha and Solar Logos will just keep pace with the bike until it's in that open area, at which point part two of the plan will be enacted.

First, Solar Logos will swoop a little closer, and Kotoha will extend her hand towards Atoli.

"Grab on!"

Assuming that works out successfully, she'll then release Arthur and have the Lucario wrestle the bike into stopping.
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Okay, Operation Have The Jackal Wrestle The Bike is a no-go, and Solar Logos doesn't exactly have feet or...anything else Kotoha can hang off of...

This might be difficult.

...oh wait. Kotoha takes a length of rope out of her bag and quickly fashions it into a lasso. Releasing Tesla again, she fastens the other end of the rope onto its primary antennae and cinches the lasso around her waist. As Solar Logos puts on a burst of speed, flying just ahead of the bike, Kotoha jumps off his back towards Atoli and the bike.
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Tesla hovers up the instant Kotoha makes contact, the Trainer wrapping her arms around Atoli so that the pair of them are lifted off the bike. Tesla floats down low enough so that Kotoha can let go of Atoli.

"Tesla! FLY!"

With that, the Trainer-and-Pokemon pair zoom after the bike. Solar Logos lands from his flight and makes a sort of tired-sounding buggy rumble, almost like he's complaining to Atoli.
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Kotoha just sort of hangs from the rope like a sack of potatoes, blinking, as she stares at the bike.

Solar Logos rumbles in complaint again.
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It doesn't take much time to get everything situated - Tesla and Solar Logos returned to their Pokeballs, the rope untied, Kotoha and Atoli standing like normal people.

"Okay so! You wanted to talk to me about something?"
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"...robot duck?"

Run that by her again?
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Kotoha continues to stare blankly for a little bit before suddenly clapping her hands together.

"Clean cup! Move down! New topic!"

With that, she draws a Pokeball from her belt and releases Zoroark.

"Zoroark can act as a mediator - find out what's troubling Rustica and then tell us, since he's capable of human speech. That work for you?"
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What is that. He does the practical thing and throws up a Dark Shield, bracing his feet against the pavement behind the translucent wall. Maybe it's not the smartest thing to be playing chicken with a motorized vehicle, but if it needs to be stopped, then...
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"Can't you just brake?" he calls, letting down the shield so he can hurry after her and make sure she's okay.
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"So jump off!" If she's not on it to control it, maybe it'll stop...? Riku's a pretty fast runner, and he's keeping up all right, but this is kind of ridiculous.
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"Come on!" He can't help but groan when she sits back down. "I'll catch you, okay? You'll be fine!"
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"Just jump! Or I can cast a spell at it or something?" Hopefully he won't hit her, but...
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"I don't know, if I cast Slow can you get off?" Why didn't he think of that before...?
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Riku summons his Keyblade next, though he's kind of getting tired from all this running at top speed. He can jog for long periods of time, but he's not really a sprinter.

He points the blade at the front wheel of the bike, careful to shoot at it and not at Atoli.
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He slows to a stop, kicking up a little bit of dust.

"Jeez. You okay?" He dismisses the Keyblade, approaching.
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Riku approaches slowly, holding out his hand to Atoli to help her up. "Okay. You're a little scraped up, though, huh?"
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"Heh, well. Here." He lets go of her hand once she's steady, then summons his Keyblade back to his hand, raising it a little and casting Cure. Green light twinkles around her for a moment. "There. It's not perfect, and I didn't fix everything, but it's a bit."
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Homura sees the thing coming, but her focus is on the girl who's barely hanging on. It would be dangerous to let this rampage continue! So Homura's waiting for the machine to get closer so she can stop time long enough to pull the key out of ignition.

It looks like a motorcycle, so it's gotta have a slot for a key, right? Homura breaks out into a run, trying to keep close to it.
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When the bike seems to be running at a constant, Homura lets her eyes wander onto the control dashboard, scanning over what she could see even as the blonde girl covered much of it. It's pretty hard to see, but she squints, and realizes there's no slot for the key. Her eyes widen in surprise.

Maybe she could deflate its tires by shooting at it? Although on another glance, she's beginning to wonder if the thing even HAS tires. Maybe if she just let it run, it would run out of gas... or whatever it was that it ran on.

The chase continues. At least the girl seems to have noticed her now. Homura's hand drifts over her shield, wondering if she could pull the girl off in the small period of time she would be allotted when time stopped.
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Those levers, maybe? One of them could possibly stop the rampaging machine, or the girl could try and extricate herself and Homura could catch her in mid-air (or try to, since she's not that strong to begin with) with her powers. Would a jump be possible, though, at that speed? Plus, there's the addition of the girl being too scared to jump to begin with.

Homura bites her lip, then slowly calls out, "Try one of the levers! Or jump!"
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So that one is the horn, and the other... she doesn't even want to think about what the steam was for. Homura shakes her head, those levers seemed to have some effect on the bike itself then, so it wouldn't be all that out of place to suggest that one of them was in fact a brake.

"Try another!"
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"Damn it!"

She spins her shield the moment she recovers from it speeding up, the world melting to grey. The bike's not out of range just yet, and Homura breaks into a faster run than before, making a long jump for the bike frozen in time for the time being. If she could just get on that bike with the blonde girl, it would be enough. It's all she has time for in the 2 minute Time Stop she's been given.

That's when the sand fades of its greyscale and into colour once more, and Homura flails, clinging to the girl's back for dear life.

Ok maybe this wasn't part of the plan.