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Heroic deeds are afoot

Who: Open
Where: The Knight Academy, Aquarius district
Summary: Open enrollment for Hinoto-Ri's first Superhero group as well as general Q & A for anyone who wants to join or use the academy.

[Misfit has set up a table with some forms at the Knight Academy. She is opening enrollment for her new Superhero group, the Birds of Prey. She is also available to take any questions people may have about the group or about the newly open Knight Academy. Snacks and drinks are available to all visitors. There's also a box by the door that says, "Donations for a Batsignal."]
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Since Sarah stores her God Arc in the Academy, she comes over pretty much daily. Maintenance for the day is done, so she's grabbed a chair from inside and set it up besides the table.

"Any takers so far?"
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"I think you achieved total saturation with those flyers."

A slight pause as she considers something.

"If we don't get anyone, I'll see what I can do as well."
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Sarah already knows, of course, but she'll play dumb.

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Sarah thinks about that for a bit.

"...she's at least as strong as I am, and she's been here for quite a while, might be worth it to ask her, yeah..."
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An involuntary snort of laughter escapes from Sarah at Misfit's question.

"You're making it sound like she's someone I run into from time to time instead of someone living in my house."
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"It was still kind of funny, though."

Sarah smiles.

"Thanks for helping her out. Don't tell her, but I worry."
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A lazy shrug.

"I'm the leader of the Retaliation Squad. Worrying about my team is part of my job."

She'll just reach over and pat Misfit's shoulder as she says that.
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[Berserker arrives clad in her usual attire - a wedding dress with purple velvet trim, and carrying a huge mace. Her red hair hangs down over her eyes, obscuring most of her face except for her mouth, which is currently twisted into an expression somewhere half between curiosity and wariness. She's looking around for Sarah first and foremost, but expects to see Misfit here too, despite not knowing what the girl looks like just yet.]
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[The COMP visor comes down over Berserker's head as she leans over to type something into the watch attachment. Misfit should be receiving the message momentarily.]

i'm berserker
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[In response, she simply shakes her head 'no.']
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[Typing again...]

the network is faster
i apologize for the inconvenience
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what's going on with what
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desco is going to help me
thank you for telling me about her
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[Berserker nods again, because why type more text when a simple gesture will do.]
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[oh god human contact what is this aaaa

or rather, she is inwardly panicking while outwardly linefacing, and holding her mace with the other hand as she follows along]
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[Unfortunate, then, that she can't talk. But she's interested in this place, so she'll listen.]
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[Down comes the visor, and Berserker types a response.]

it's still very empty
but it sounds like you have a lot of ideas
so that's good
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fighting is all i know how to do
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[She pauses for a moment out of surprise. And if those bangs weren't in the way, her eyes would be showing it. But after a moment, she nods.]
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what exactly do we do here again
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i thought everyone was expected to do that
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strength in numbers
i understand
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let me know what you need me to do when the time comes then