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Sweet Velvet [General Open Velvet Room Visit]

Where: Velvet Room
Summary: Pack your bags, we're going on a train ride!
When: Anytime from the 15th to the 30th, please mark your date!
Warnings: That depends who is there

The moment the glowing blue door is opened, the sounds of life grow quiet. The hum of an engine far up ahead. This is the inside of a train. The entire cabin is covered in blue and white highlights, seats wide and spacious, looking like a victorian-era train. Soft and comforting music can be heard in the background, calming the souls of those who enter. The windows are open and outside a breathtaking view of a starry night sky. Is the train flying? Why does it sound like it’s going on tracks, then?

For newcomers, this may seem a little random, but it surely sparks some curiosity, doesn't it? Strange doors appearing out of nowhere and all… obviously this merits some investigation!

Even as the doors go towards the next cabin open, the theme stays the same. It's very blue. The furniture consists of soft sofas and chairs, perfect for relaxing and taking a breather, especially in the company of others.

A few more cabins opens up to a bar-like one.

The bar is spacious and large. Like the rest of the train, this place is oddly calming; as if all the troubles of the city have melted away. Yet there's excitement in the air; not unlike the first summoning of a Persona. A multitude of blue butterflies are flying on the ceiling overhead, their wings softly flapping. Some will sometimes fly down on the the shoulders and hair of the guests.

The lights were mostly out, the dim bar setting made even more evident. The remaining lights, however, pointed to a musical setup. In the back, a single dark figure bouncing his head back and forth, as the softer music of the other cabin changed into something a lot more upbeat.

A tall figure sat in the farthest corner, which was hard to see without the lights, his siluet black against the blue room. The easiest way to recognize him is the large nose...they can’t be human.

A figure with ash blonde hair and bright yellow eyes greets you, smiling softly before bowing.

"Welcome to the Velvet Room." Her voice is filled with confidence; she has grown much over the past year with the Visitors. "My name is Caroline...and this is my brother William."

"This place exists between mind and matter... a room for those who gave forged a contract... for those who are here for the first time, you now must know that by awakening to the power of Persona granted to you by or Master Philemon, you are bound to a contract. If this power is still growing within you, it will come soon and you are still welcome here. You are our Guests within this Velvet Room. Inside of you lies the ability to hold multiple Personas and wield their powers...a wildcard ability. However the rules of this world are rather… unique."

She clutched her book with one hand, smiling.

"As you continue to live here longer and aid this ailing world, the connection and bonds you forge will reinforce your Destiny String, and allow you to unlock your full potential. Once your skills have matured enough, you will be able to unlock even more powerful Personas within you. Please see Master Igor if you wish to learn more."

"The three of us have been instructed to aid you to the best of our abilities. I hope you find your stay tonight enjoyable. Our Master has said that there will be many obstacles fighting against you in the upcoming months...and we wish to prepare you as best as we can."

Once her speech is done, she moves back behind the bar’s counter, leaving the guests to decide what they wish to do now.

[OOC : Welcome to the Velvet Room.
▶ To get a new Persona, pick anything available [HERE] and then fill out a notification that you’ve switched [HERE]. You can do this at any time, but we figured we’d remind you!
▶ Requests from Caroline or William can be found [HERE]. As a bonus if you request it this month, you can thread out the request in this log.
▶ You can talk with Igor, Caroline, William or just hang around, have a drink and just talk between yourselves.
▶ Start your own thread, and write if it's open or if they are heading towards one of the three.]

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