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Who: Kotoha and Takakage
Where: Pisces 12-04
Summary: The Official Welcome Wagon checks in on the newest Visitor
Warnings: Nope!

It had been early in the morning when the branch of City Hall that Kotoha nominally worked for had contacted her - apparently a new Visitor had shown up from a slightly unusual time period and they wanted her to check in on him to see if he was adjusting well.

Which is why she is currently in the Pisces dorm, knocking on the door to apartment 12-04.

"Hello? Is there a Takakage Kobayakawa in?"
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It was rather kind of them to give him a place to stay. While it was rather cramped as compared to the Mouri residence back in his home realm, it was enough. Takakage had little need for extra furnishings nor the extravagance that came with them.

The only alteration visible in the small apartment was the addition of a calligraphic piece mounted on emerald green paper. The scroll itself had been unrolled and hung on an inconspicuous nail driven into the wall.

Though... there were many objects in the room that he found quite alien. They seemed to have no visibly discernible function, only several built-in doors and coloured tiles bearing various symbols.There was water, too - but contained within a tube of some sort and would not flow unless he persuaded it to do so.

How enigmatic.

His perusal of the various artifacts within the room was cut short by a knock on the door, accompanied by a cheerful voice calling for his name. Was his presence already common knowledge?

Takakage fumbled a little with the doorknob before it opened - he had forgotten which way it opened. "Yes, that would be me." His visitor seemed to be a girl around his age. "How may I help you?"
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Hm. The administrators here certainly had an efficient support system.

"I see." Takakage answered with a faint smile, moving away from the doorway so Kotoha could come in. "Please do." Her clothing style was... quite simple, to say the least. Culture here certainly was different.

"A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Miss Kotoha." Since she already knew his name, it'd be rather pointless to give it again.
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Ah, the persona system. He had a hunch that it would come up.

"Yes. I have." Though the process of gaining this ability was quite rough. Getting struck by lightning was by no means a pleasant experience... luckily, Jonathan was there to assist him.

"I make do without a... conjuror, though." Was that what those muskets were called? "Does that pose a problem?"
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Kotoha's cheerfulness was becoming a little.... too strong for his liking. Neverthless, his calm composure had not changed.

"I do have quite a few, actually." He gestured to the various objects around the room. "These artifacts... could you enlighten me on their purpose?"
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For someone introverted like him, being in contact with another with seemingly endless energy can be taxing. However, Takakage was quite used to keeping his composure for long periods of time... though he'll probably need a lie-down later. All these new events and revelations were still a little hard to take in.

The youth glanced once more around the apartment, his brows furrowed very slightly in thought.

"Could you instruct me on how to use this... object?" He indicated the tap in the corner. Walking closer, he placed one hand upon the tome that he had left on the kitchen counter next to the sink. "It seems to contain water, but I can't figure out how to extract it." Without a little persuasion.

He touched the end of the tap's spout with his other hand, willing it to flow. A little water dripped out - he didn't want Kotoha to be too alarmed. The water inside the tap wasn't exactly good for drinking, but purifying it would be easy.

ooc: I'm going to assume the tap is one which needs you to press a button at the top to switch on, so Takakage couldn't figure out how to work it.
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Takakage picked up the tome that he had left on the counter. A brief flash of uneasiness crossed his gaze, but it vanished as quickly as it had appeared. "I do. I prefer not to use it, though."

Kotoha's instructions made it clearer for him. "I see." Closing his eyes for a moment, he extended his awareness outwards - indeed, it was as she had described.

He glanced once more around the room, settling on the largest artifact to ask next. "About that... double-doored box." He could sense ice within, especially the top compartment. "Is it perhaps a device to keep objects chilled?"
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Takakage nodded once more. The various devices seemed to assist in household duties... much like the servants hired back home.

He figured that he would be able to understand the artifacts in due time.

"What about these?" Two boxes placed side by side, one rectangular and the other cylindrical. They had one door each, at the side or as a lid (respectively). There were also a few buttons on them. However, there seemed to be no water channels going into them, only a thick strand of rope that ended on the wall. A button accompanied the rope's wall-mounted end.

"I presume they are for heating?"

ooc: microwave and rice cooker? ^^
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Hm. So the people here had access to many artifacts which performed mundane tasks... this was very convenient indeed. Takakage glanced around the room again. That seemed to cover everything for now...

"I believe that will be all, unless I've missed something I should enquire...?" He replied after a short pause. "You have my gratitude for the assistance."

For once, his smile is noticeably warm - a contrast from the serene sincerity which he had been projecting.
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Takakage took a few moments to process the information. He answered after a slow, deliberate blink.

"... I see. I will take note of that, then." He did know one person. One. Jonathan, the helpful youth who aided him in the first few hours of his arrival. They could become acquaintances...

... but as for friends, maybe not exactly. This could prove troublesome.