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Spring Celebration [OPEN TO ALL]

Who: Everyone
Where: All around the city
Summary: Open!
Warnings: None

Spring had finally arrived in Hinoto-Ri, and with it, a sense of renewal. The cold winter had gone, sweeping away memories of Shadows, endlessly repeating days, and awkward Valentine's Day escapades. A great deal of the damage to the city had been restored since the previous fall(although there is still damage from the Aries battle, but what else is new) and the gentle sun shining overhead in the midst of clear skies and a fresh breeze made it easy to forget that Hinoto-Ri was such a volatile place.

Life in the city goes on. And while there was no official government-hosted festival this year, the cherry trees throughout Capricorn remain present to be enjoyed, nonetheless. The first cherry blossoms are beginning to bloom and the pink blossoms are surely the most beautiful sight there is to see in Hinoto-Ri...

Tens of thousands of trees dotted the park's landscape, but it was the Cherry trees that were the stars of the weekend, the pink petals creating a heavenly smell only enhanced by the small stalls that were busy selling hot yakitori (grilled chicken on sticks), takoyaki (octopus balls on sticks), shioyaki (Salty grilled sea bream on sticks ) and kakigori (Shaved ice with syrup, not on a stick).

The prime picnic places were being taken and families grouped together to eat homemade lunches and bento, but there were still many spots and trees to go under should you wish to do so with friends. Young couples walked hand in hand and many young students sat under the trees, reading books or playing games.

Underneath a particularly large tree, the temples and shrines of the city have once again set up an area for O-Mikuji, where it was possible to get a fortune. 5 yen is the luckiest, though any offering will do.

There are, naturally, many other opportunities for the Visitors now that the weather is warming up. Picnics in the park, trawling the increasingly lively street-side stalls for trinkets and vendor food like takoyaki and yakitori, spending more time at night fighting demons during the 13th Hour now that it's not freezing cold...

Well, perhaps the last one isn't quite so fun. But the demons, too, seem bolder now that the weather has changed - with the exception of the Frosts, of course.

[OOC - Open log for all players! Start your own threads! have a picnic under the plants, eat a bunch of food or join others, mingle to your heart's content, tomorrow the ability to buy fortunes will be posted, and your character's fates may gain something new.

ETA: Fortunes will be delayed due to unexpected real life circumstances.]

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