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join 'save the harpy' movement

Where: Anywhere!
Summary: why would you ever give this shit a persona and let her run free during the 13th hour
When: 13th Hour
Warnings: Saionji's potential to swear and insult people (Saionji should be a warning in herself, tbh.)

[So. What did you expect to see today on the 13th Hour? Some muck left over from the Aries Boss Battle? Just another day hunting demons? Well... you might mistake her for a screaming demon at first, but when you come close enough, you can notice that the yelling is coming from a new Visitor.

Saionji's rushing down the road with a speed she shouldn't possess, howling incoherently and being chased by this thing. With her being half its size, she obviously doesn't stand too much of a chance.

You might also see her slip up and run right into dead end. Ah, fuck.]

...WAAAAAAH! Is this what Yomi is like?! SOMEONE HELP ME!

[Really a screeching harpy. As it backs her into a corner, though- it's about to swing its club down on her, before a big burst of light throws it off course for a moment. How convenient.]

I art thou... thou art I... dancer of Izumo and bringer of arts, I am Izumo-no-Okuni.

Attack it! Get that thing away from me!

[Best way to treat your Persona, Saionji.]
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Oh hey it is some kind of demonic little girl flying in from out of nowhere and leveling an accusatory claw at the Oni.

"Queen Desco demands to see your pillaging license, mister!"
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Desco just glances back at Saionji.

"Please be quiet, shouty yellow subject. Queen Desco is busy doing her duties as ruler of Earth!"

Back to the Oni.

"Now, please present your pillaging license! There are rules about attacking Desco's subjects, you know!"
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Desco sighs a little.

"Desco would apologize for what she is about to do, but...that's a lie; Desco never apologizes. YOG-SOTHOTH!"

The Oni is vaporized so completely by the attack not even ashes remain as Desco rotates in mid-air to face Saionji.

"Desco doesn't care what your title is! Desco's title is Final Boss Girl, so she automatically outranks you!"
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In response, Desco summons her Velvet Persona - The Smooze - and starts flying after Saionji, using the Pass Through skill to simply phase through little things like walls.

"Hey! Queen Desco didn't give you permission to run!"
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Okay so she'll just pass through a couple more walls, come out in front of Saionji, and switch over to her primary Persona, Yog Sothoth, and drop a TP Run on Saionji to teleport her directly to Desco's room.


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/joins the movement

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[ What was a young girl doing out in the Thirteenth Hour?

Takakage didn't often go out during said hour. But this time, he did - the screams of said girl would have been enough to rouse distress alarms all around the area. Most unfortunately, the only one in the area was him.

Koppa Tengu burst into existence by his side, soaring forward and swooping down between the girl and the demon harassing her. The three-legged avian screeched and flapped its wings once, shooting myriads of feathers straight into the demon's belly. The Oni howled and swung its club forward - but stopped mid-strike as a torrent of water slammed forcefully into its back.

The demon disintegrated into a pile of glitter, revealing the strategist standing a distance behind. He closed the tome that he was holding, quickly approaching to make sure she wasn't hurt. ]

Are you alright?

[ He took effort to sound as gentle as possible. The girl seemed to have a Persona out - newly awakened, perhaps? - but it didn't seem to be capable of combat. ]
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gg takakage

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[ Ah.

The girl is reasonably distressed, but he already notes her sharp tongue. A dozen theories come to mind, but he dismisses those thoughts and focuses on the immediate situation at hand.

Koppa Tengu flies over to him, folding its wings and looking attentive. After all, it was much more familiar-looking than the average Persona. Still maintaining his gentle tone, he speaks as calmly as possible. Hopefully it will reassure her. ]

Don't be afraid. A demon attacked you, but it's gone now. [ He indicated the pile of glitter in the floor.

His Persona hooted softly in affirmation. ]
This is my Persona. It's named Koppa Tengu. That lady over there should be your Persona - if you're new here, a man called Philemon would have mentioned them to you. They're part of your soul, sort of - and they'll fight demons in your place if you can't.

You'll need to get to somewhere safe as soon as possible. There are many other monsters around at this time of the night.
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which hell

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[ Takakage could almost sense the threads of thought running through the girl's head - there was definitely something she was hiding. He ought to be careful. She didn't seem to possess outright malevolence, though. Which was... a little reassuring. ]

This isn't Yomi. [ He was familiar with the concept as well - it raised the possibility that they were from the same lands. ] You're in a city, named Hinoto-Ri. [ A pause. He wasn't sure how to put it across. ] While there are demons, they only come out at late night. In the daytime, people still go about their lives.

As for Personae... not everyone in the city has them, only those chosen from other worlds by Philemon. People like you and me. If you're here, the city government ought to have assigned you an apartment to live in. All the residential buildings are demon-proofed by barriers, so you'll be safe there.

[ Another pause. ]

I can check where your house is, but you'll have to give me your name. I hope you're fine with that.
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I didn't even know it was a hell

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[ It was certainly a Japanese name, but one he had never heard of before. Ah well. ]

A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Miss Saionji. [ He responded with a nod of acknowledgement. ] My name is Kobayakawa Takakage, retainer of the Mouri clan.

[ The COMP popped out of thin air to land neatly over his eyes. A quick scan revealed the numbers he had been looking for. ] Your apartment is in the Libra Ward, ninth floor, first door. [ He retracted the lenses after the search was complete. Knowing Saionji, she would ask about it. ] Are you by chance familiar with the concept of computers? Each Visitor received one. It resembles eyewear. You should be able to summon it by thought.
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I think he's the only one who can stand her

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[ Takakage shook his head. ]

I do not lie. People arrive in Hinoto-Ri from many worlds and many times. You presumably come from the far future of the Land of the Rising Sun.

[ A pause. He closed his eyes briefly. ]

I can assure you that I am very much alive.

gg saionji

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nah it's you

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Too bad

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[And guess who just happened to be walking nearby and ended up running along side her. Good thing Athena was in shape and ran everyday to keep in shape. Cardio was a good thing right now.]

What the heck is that thing?!
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[She wasn't running to keep in shape this time... She just happened to be caught in the crossfire.]

Uhm.... Is there some way to lose him?
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O-oh! I.. don't really know how to use my persona yet...