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oh my god saionji what is it this time

Who: Takakage and Saionji (closed log)
Where: Libra Ward, 13th Hour
Summary: Takakage teaches Saionji how to use her persona.
Warnings: small shouty yellow subject, to quote Desco

big bro kobayakawaaaaaaaaa come help me with my persona

im in my room

The message was delivered in plain text as-is, with no explanation. Takakage sent three replies asking for more details, but Saionji didn't respond.


It had been merely a week since Saionji arrived. To be honest, he was surprised that she hadn't come running to him earlier. Perhaps she found someone else to do her bidding....

He arrived outside Saionji's apartment at eleven p.m.. Hopefully she hadn't fallen asleep - her message was sent an hour before that.

I'm outside. Could you open the door?
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because you're niiiiice, big bro

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Jesus Christ, about time. God, it was almost the 13th Hour, didn't he know how to hurry up?

Unfortunately, she can't actually say that right now. Sigh. When she receives the text- honestly speaking, the COMP was easy enough to get used to, going out to buy food was significantly more challenging, don't even talk about obi-tying- Saionji opens the door.

Yep. She's still awake, Takakage. Your luck ends here.

"Yay, you came, Big Bro!" She's feeling nice as of now, so enjoy the display of smiles. "Ehhh, you said my Persona was a 'Support Persona', right? So I need someone to go with me to train!"

...And that someone is you, Takakage. Godspeed.
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i'm totally independent but i also like extorting people

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"Of course I'm up to it! And anyway, even if I wasn't, I'd have to learn to be up to it. That's how things work, right?"

...Isn't she adjusting relatively well? Then again, Saionji is still going by the assumption that she's most likely dead, so she really doesn't have much to lose. No one here has had any exposure to the arts for some time, though... that's one thing she can do.

But for now, she needed to learn the fundamentals. Build from ground up if she ever wants to reach the top. "Let's go, then! But where do we find the weakest demons?"
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Rude, Takakage! You've only known her for, what, a week? And talked once? Even though her behavior is pretty... distinctive, it's a bit early to jump to such conclusions, isn't it?

Well, to Saionji, it is.

At the lowest floor of the apartment building, overlooking the street, Saionji... has to squint a bit. "My Persona appeared so easily before! Why does it have to take so much time now? How annoying..."

But! After a while, it does materialize. Wonder what thoughts she had in order to evoke it. "So, what skills do I have?"

...Saionji, you check that yourself.
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"...Two Personas? How did you get another Persona? Tell me, Big Bro! Tell me!"

Of course, she manages to sound more cute than annoying to most. After what Takakage says after, her endearing smile turns into something of a pout. "Uuugh... fine. I can analyze targets, and..."

Oh. This is something. Finally delving into the idea that she has a Persona and picking out all the fine details, the feelings she gets at its presence- "Something called Marin Karin, and Media. Uwaaah, of course they'd put media in the hands of someone like me! Girls like me are in high demand, after all." Jokes aside, though.

"I can also... purify water. Huh. That would be useful, if I was actually stupid enough to get caught in a situation without water."
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It... doesn't have a fixed location.

Magic is so hard to get used to. And Saionji can be sweet, Takakage, don't give her that face! It's just that she'd rather shoehorn words of a hellion into her flowery speeches. They're fun. "The 'Charm' status? So demons are dirty loli pedos too... as I expected. And I guess it's useful for if I get caught in a landslide, or anything. But the situation is so rare, taking up space when she can only learn a maximum of eight is pretty dumb."

And then she sticks her tongue out a bit. "Plus, if you do get caught in a landslide, people will just flock you for it! You can't really charge them in a situation like that, too. They'll drive you to exhaustion within minutes." Moving on, she began to walk closer to the road, and if they traveled far enough from the houses, the demons will start streaming in.

"Well? Let's go, then!"
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do you wanna roll for chance or

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Does anyone here like it?

In any case, she's... obviously less scared than before, but still showing more apprehension than she would like. "Okuni! Basic Analysis!" Her Persona steps back, taking just a moment to scan the demon.

"...Wicker Man, weak to Fire, Elec and Light. Nulls Dark." Whatever the hell that means. She steps back again, edging away from the demon, and decides to take matters into her own hands.

"Marin Karin!"

Welp. 40% charm chance, does she hit it-?!
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An offensive skill. Alright, alright! Offensive skill, um...

"Izumo-no-Okuni! Use 'Eiha'!"

Eiha, indeed. Okuni flicks her wrist, opening her fan in front of the demon's face and sending a blast of... something. It doesn't do much, though. It just... touches the demon and dissipates.


"Big Bro Takakage, wasn't that an offensive attack?!"
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"Huuuh?! That's stupid!" She backs off when he whacks the Wicker Man- JESUS, TAKAKAGE, GIVE HER A DAMN HEADS-UP.

"Uuu... fine. Okuni! Hit it with your fan!"

The Persona obeys, going up and unceremoniously whacking the Charmed, hurt demon.


...did it just... die...
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idk what now do whatever

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"How annoying!... Well, I guess that's why I have you here, Big Bro Takakage." You might not be able to tell if she's trying to flatter, be sarcastic, or being actually gratefully. Most likely one of the first two.

"I can use something new, though! Hmmm... Dream Needle?"

She looks at Takakage expectantly. Yeah, she wants you to explain. Sorry.
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Oh, so basically it's sleep drugs. Simple enough.

"Well, okay then. Let's go find another demon!" She's not foolish enough to go off running around herself, and still sticks behind Takakage- she doesn't like relying on people like this, but it's only temporary.
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Ew, what gross little critters.

"Alright, then... Izumo-no-Okuni! Use Dream Needle!"

Her Persona gracefully brings two fans out of nowhere, and flicks them open in the Gremlins' direction, showering them with needles.
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"Yaaay! I can fight things now! Thank you, Big Bro Takakage!"

It's too bad he's not someone she can jab in the face or the stomach for stress relief- she could... probably turn to beating up demons for that. "So, if I keep practicing, I can learn more skills up to a certain number, right?

Is there any way of knowing what I'll learn?"
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It was useful to learn. No, not useful... essential. Adapt or die. That's how it worked, and hell no was she dying.

Not again.

"Alright then! I'll go visit the 'Velvet Room' soo-" And the growls cuts her off, too. She's about to command Okuni, so it's a good thing Takakage responds quickly.

There's a desire to argue that she can help beat it!- but she knows perfectly well that he's the knowledgeable one here. She stands still, but not letting her knees slack. It's an energetic stillness, one reminiscent of the stages of Buyo dance. She's ready to bring into action, anytime, and it's more of someone pausing a video of her walking rather than her, well, stopping.

Please don't fuck up, Takakage.
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...Okay, a cue. She's always on time for music and stage cues. Always. On sight, on target, and-

This demon is... it's really big, isn't it...? Saionji is not good with animals, in the conventional sense. She doesn't know how to take care of them, or what eats what, and how to train them... but she does know how they squirm, and how their eyes shift when their focus does.

So, when it begins to paw towards her, she notices just a split-second after Takakage. "Dream Needle! Use Dream Needle!"

Hopefully it works, because if it doesn't, she's fucking running.
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Check. Check, 1, 2, oh, she squinted her eyes shut and shielded her face.


"Thankfully, no." She's apprehensive, though, because- yeah, she could sense the bit of tension, too. Takakage isn't invincible. Neither is she.

She should... go home.

"I'm tired! I'm going home." Whatever much of a home that apartment is, anyone. But it's- it's better than her clan, or... murderisland.

Saionji turns on her heels, walking back to her place without any warning. "...Thanks, Big Bro! Try not to die until I can fight well myself."