unbroken_chain: (laughing)
Super-Awesome Adventure Friend! ([personal profile] unbroken_chain) wrote in [community profile] destinystrings2014-05-13 07:58 am

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Who: Kotoha and Fumi
Summary: Fumi's upset because Agatha Heterodyne is gone, so Kotoha has proposed a Girl's Day Out
Warnings: Standard Kotoha ridiculousness

Directly after last night's conversation, Kotoha sprung into action! It didn't take long to get everything set up for the next day, and now it is the next day, so she's turning up at Fumi's place at a reasonable hour, decked out in her preferred shopping outfit of jeans and a powder-blue blouse, with her hair pulled back in a braid.

It's probably for the best not to be instantly recognizable if you're planning on hitting one of the Visitor Merch shops, after all.

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