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Turnabout a la Mode! Day 1 Investigation

The journey is far less painful than might be expected. After arriving in the Champ de Mars in Paris, the arriving strangers go unnoticed by the crowds all around, the people too busy whispering to each other in horror. Several are crying and others are carrying their children away from the Eiffel Tower which stands high above in the dark Paris night.

The area is hauntingly beautiful, with lights covering the trees of Paris's park and banners talking about the great Tic and Tac's final Parisian tour before going worldwide. So why is the entire place so somber?

The fact that the police are scrambling about is the first clue that something is very wrong. As the Visitors were warned, their powers are completely gone, leaving only their mundane skills. With no Persona to call on, it will make this entire journey far harder... but thankfully Minerva can be spotted close by.

But before anyone can do anything, she's being carried away by the policemen, put into a car, and carted off.  The police bar the perimeter, looking at you in annoyance.

"Mesdames et Messieurs, the show is over, and this area is a crime scene. Please move back so as not to cause issues with the investigation."

It seems something terrible has happened...

But just as you're pondering your next move, another car screeches up beside the yellow tape, and a man with a fervent expression and a rather alarming mustache leaps out of the car.  Gesticulating wildly, he descends upon the scene like a storm of extravagantly expensive cologne.

"Get back, get back!  A terrible crime has occurred here!  And I, Chief Inspector Otto Gaffe, swear that I shall not rest until justice is served!"

A flailing arm barely avoids breaking a nose as he impatiently pushes you out of the way.

"Who are you?  ...Is that an attorney's badge?"

Perhaps this would be a good place to start.

((There will be no tag order so as to speed things along!  But each group should only respond to the portions marked for them (A, B, or Defense).  When all the necessary clues have been discovered, we will initiate Day 1 Court. You may respond!))
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Investigate: Crime Scene (Teams A and B)

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After you agree to take on the defense of Minerva McGonagall, the Chief Inspector reluctantly waves a hand, indicating that the policemen should allow you through. The investigation team is allowed to enter the scene of the crime.

It appears to be a magic show... And up on stage, there is something covered by a white cloth.
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It had been a few months since Athena has really had a chance to do her job as a lawyer. She had been trying to become one at Hinoto-ri, but that was certainly a process. Having the opportunity to do her job now was great. The fact that France seemed to thing Minerva McGonagall was the culprit made her sad of course, but Athena thought that time moping was better spent investigating.

She didn't waste time to go to the stage. She was careful to not move or touch the evidence. It wouldn't do any good until she had the proper say so. For now, simply examining everything would be good enough until she actually had to pick something up.
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"I can't believe I'm standing here inside the Eiffel tower!" Oops someone was fanboying a little too hard here. "It's even more beautiful than the Tokyo Tower! But Michel isn't too surprised, after all, french is the language of love!"

Eikichi hasn't quite noticed the crime scene yet. Just give him time.
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Luckily, Athena had been to the Eiffel tower back home a few times. It never stopped her from looking at it in awe, but with a case of her hands, that would have to wait. McGonagall's case was much more pressing than to sight see for her. She glanced over to where she saw Eikichi. Usually, she'd indulge in that sort of conversation, but right now there were more pressing matters.

"It is beautiful, but I have work to do. Although... if you intend on helping, I suggest you get to helping," she wouldn't mind normally. It's just been so long since she could be a real lawyer again.
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BTW anyone else can jump in here

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"No worries chica! The true belle of this place shall be put on the side for the task at hand!" Eikichi, it's beau you're doing it wrong. "Good thing I don't have issues with heights!" He looked over to the crime scene and the policemen moving about.
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It wasn't until he mentioned issues with heights that Athena really thought about it. Not that she'd ever had issues, either, but it was something to keep in mind.

"Right...," she said.
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"Maybe we'll have time to go sightseeing after this is all over." Akihiko had to admit, Paris' charm had him curious as well.

But they were here to be detectives first, and...well, Akihiko wasn't very good at it. Not having Caesar around was a little discouraging as well. But he did look around as thoroughly as possible, making a good effort not to disturb the crime scene.

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The friendly Hinoto-Ri baker is not a great fan of mingling. He does, however, have quite an interest in murders, and he would very much like to know what happened here.

Armed with his trusty leather gloves, he lifts the white cloth to see what's hidden below. He intends to leave the scene in the same state as it was before - no one needs to know he was ever here.
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At first glance, the sight is rather macabre if someone had never seen a murder before (which is not much of an issue here); the body is in suck an uncomfortable position as if they'd been pulled forward, leaving the victim's legs dangling in the air slightly.

It becomes easier to see why soon enough; instead of where the head should be, what looks like a gigantic metal hammer has smashed not only into the wire, mirror and stone stage, shattering all it touched from impact. From the way the victim's neck disappears into it, little is left to the imagination of what might have happened.

She's dressed in a tight-fitting outfit with a few pockets, not leaving much to the imagination, stained with the blood as red as her nails from her very recent, unfortunate death.
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Well, the cause of death is no mystery.

This could easily have been framed as an unfortunate accident. An equipment malfunction. But instead, the blame has fallen on someone else - someone who is probably not guilty and, if his intuition does not fail him, is being deliberately framed. That's how things tend to go.

He doesn't have the proper tools to investigate the body, sadly, nor would it be terribly appropriate to perform an autopsy right here. He covers up the grisly sight again, making sure the cloth is lying there as neatly as it was before he touched it.

There ought to be something else he can learn from the stage, though. He doesn't know much about magic tricks, which makes this a little difficult, but with any luck, he might see something more mundane. Oddly-placed blood splatters, perhaps, or - he's not counting on it, but it would certainly put a curious spin on the case - signs of a struggle.

He could try having another look at the body, but if anyone caught him staring at a scantily-clad corpse, well...

Shelly's just not very comfortable with the thought. Maybe as a last resort, though. Maybe.
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Oops, someone did see him staring at a scantily-clad corpse. Rather, Bobby spotted him just as he lowered the cloth again. He makes sure to wait a little longer before drawing nearer, as he's pretty sure Shelly didn't mean to get caught, fellow Visitor or not. Once he does approach the stage, he does so in a casual stride and with an expression of pleasant interest.

"Good evening, Mr. Baker! In justice we trust!" He shoots Shelly a quick salute. "Have you found any clues yet?"
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A spike of internal panic almost makes itself known, but then Shelly realises it's just good old Mr. Detective. Sure, as a Visitor, maybe he's supposed to be investigating, in a sense - but it still feels enough like breaking his cover to keep him alert.

"I'm afraid not, Mr. Detective. I have to admit I took a small peek at what lies beneath this cloth over here, but... The sight was far too terrible for me to bear."

A disguise is a disguise, and a friendly baker is not accustomed to the sight of blood and dead bodies.
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Now now, Shelly, don't you worry. Bobby has no intention of breaking that cover. If anything, he'll humor it. If there's anyone who knows about the importance of keeping up pretense, it's him. That's why he'll produce a bit of a sympathetic tisking sound.

"Oh dear! I hope that taught you to leave that sort of thing to the professionals! There's plenty of investigating to do that doesn't involve dead bodies."

Ironic words, he knows. That's what Shelly gets for impersonating a person who has no business on a crime scene, while his real business is the cause of crime scenes.
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I hope this is allowed? :'D

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A magic show would involve various props and gimmicks to simulate the impossible. He had taken a glimpse at the deceased while Shelly was investigating it - while it was gruesome, such tragedies were the norm in war. He wasn't as affected as others would have expected him to be.

A hammer. Audience members would have expected the hammer to not cause any damage at all, perhaps. The the mechanism for it to miss would be broken - or perhaps, the gimmick hammer was swapped out for a real one. Perhaps the former, giving the difficulty of the latter.

Takakage walks around the back of the stage, looking out for any elaborate mechanisms that the magicians might have set up. He is careful not to disturb anything, merely observe. A flashlight was in his hand, his book in the other.

He might also have wandered off into the magicians' dressing room or preparation area behind the stage, if it exists.
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Of course it is!

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That's rather striking is that, contraption aside, there's not that much to see apart from beautiful Paris greens. The stage is the entire of the tower itself and its little less than thousand steps. The fireworks for the finale went off without a hitch, so all that remains apart from the human remains hurr hurr are the burned cones on all sides as he slowly makes his way upwards. There are three levels of stairs, each with about three hundred steps.

If he does manage to get to the very top, he'll notice a contraption set up to release the hammer via a computer signal. The computer is blinking red indicating it has been released, as well as the countdown set at 0. That is also connected to a panel which is impossible to see from inside, but display a clock that everyone in attendance to see. There is no doubt that this is where the hammer first stood upon before it was released all the way downward. It's an impressive fall...but that does mean that the release was past of the illusion.

However, there's no doubt that the human body wasn't.

There seems to be no other clues nearby, so once he's done, it's a thousand stairs downward again...
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please correct me if I've interpreted the procedure wrongly, I'm kinda really confused orz

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So, the magic show seemed to involve dropping the hammer from all the way at the top of the tower, whereupon it would hit the ground. Whether it was supposed to strike the victim (non-lethally, of course) or not was still an unknown, though. It was probably intentional... just not lethally.

He ought to go back and look at the hammer again.

Taking a pencil from his pocket, he began to sketch a drawing of the computer panel and release mechanism. Having come from the past, all this new technology was foreign - thus his lack of a camera. However, his eye for detail and drawing skill meant that the sketch would serve the purpose of a photograph in the investigations. His book's pages could be wiped clean once they returned to Hinoto-Ri, anyway.

The descent from the tower took quite some time, and he needed a while to catch his breath. Afterwards, he returned to where Shelly and Bobby had been talking. Shelly seemed to have replaced the cloth, which meant he had to move it again...

Walking towards where the hammer was, he lifted the cloth's corner and took a look at the metal instrument. Perhaps even tapping it gently with his pen, just to make sure it was indeed made of metal.
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This is totally fine, just imagine a huge metal tower

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> Sketch of the crime scene recorded.

As he returned to the crime scene and lifted the sheet, no one seemed to stop him. The policemen were busy filing papers, the other two were talking. At the sound of his pencil, it echoed back gently; this was certainly metal. From the way the stage had cracked it seemed to be deliberate as well; if he looked closely enough he could see that the stage itself was made to shatter easily, perhaps to add to the grandiose finale.

Probably not so much for a death, however.

The body's head was where part of the giant hammer now stood. From the way the victim's neck disappears into it, little is left to know exactly what might have happened.

She's dressed in a tight-fitting outfit with a few pockets, not leaving much to the imagination either, stained with the blood as red as her nails from her very recent, unfortunate death.
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hmm okay, I see!

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Hm. There was still a very minor chance of this being an accident... but murder presented an overwhelming possibility. Who would have a suitable motive, though? Perhaps someone more familiar with the place would have an answer.

He made a note to interview more people.

Throwing the sheet open, he made a sketch of the deceased and the presumed murder weapon, leaving out some details on the corpse for the benefit of anyone else who might be looking at it later. After he was done with it, he knelt down and scrutinized the corpse intently, looking for any other injury or physical abnormalities.

Another issue that needed to be clarified was the nature of the 'mishap' - whether the hammer was replaced, or the victim was pushed. A pity, then, that there were no existing recordings or photographs...
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> Sketch of the victim recorded.

Thankfully when he does, the policemen are too busy answering someone else's questions to know what he's doing. It might be a good idea to finish this quickly!

The victim itself, apart from a completely obliterated head does not seem to have any physical markings. As he pats over the corpse, he will quickly notice that one of the costume's pockets has a bump.
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So very late, I'm so sorry.

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Ruri saw people looking over the physical things, so she simply started looking for security cameras, to see what angles they may cover. She also went about looking for video footage of the death. All the available footage she could find.

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Therein lied the problem, as one of the policeman would tell her once she asked around.

"We do not have footage of the stage or the trick itself. Everything regarding it is a professional magician's secret and part of the deal when it was hosted here. Photography was illegal as well, people were checked before coming to view the show."
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"So no cameras at all? Aren't tricks of this level usually televised?"
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"There's a media version already out if you're interested for downloading! But non, the brothers insist on no cameras."
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"And the security systems on the tower while they were setting up the trick? I'd like all the raw footage for the media version, but if there was video, even at an odd angle through the security systems I'd like to see that too."
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[personal profile] turnaboutalamode 2014-05-24 12:45 am (UTC)(link)
"We will see what we can find for you for your investigation, mademoiselle," the policeman replied with a sigh. "But we are rather certain that you will find no such footage. Perhaps we can give you a DVD of a previous show? It is made by the brothers themselves."

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