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It was a dark, if not stormy, night....

Who: Nanami and Takakage
Where: Some deserted street at the 13th Hour 
Summary:  Tutorials are terrible, but maybe skipping it for this game was a bad idea....
Warnings: Hints of SDR2 spoilers for Nanami I guess, but nothing much? 

Blink. Blink blink.  She felt her mind slowly come back online- to extend the metaphor, her mind was unfortunately a dusty terminal that was years out of date and coming to her senses felt like having it kicked several times.

What happened? Where was she, there was something very inconsistent in this situation right n-

For one, the sky was red. For two, where was everyone else? There was no log of this place in her databases- empty street, the flickering glow of a streetlight illuminating small darting shadows. Rats, cats, and the light fluttering of feathers muffled by distance. Something out of a comic book, maybe. A Film Noir movie. Places she'd never been to, thought about once in a while but often dismissed quickly enough-

But she was here now, so now what?

Nanami reached out, half-expecting a thread of mainframe to reveal itself to her- her arms felt strange, heavier-but-not-heavy, the cool night air on her skin sending nerve signals ricocheting through her nervous system (a strangely exhilarating feeling.) No, no mainframe to be found. There were so many signals to process at once all of a sudden, the novelty of re-connection- (no, something more than coming back online this was-) casting everything into a sharpness that was almost disorientating. Okay. Okay. She'll.... she'll figure something out. She'll just.... stop for a while, taking everything in. 


That unearthly howl-snarl didn't seem like it belonged here. 

Also the sky was red. She almost forgot.

The lack of a command sequence was beginning to be concerning. She'd do something, but what, proceeding forward always required at least an understanding of where you were supposed to go, what the win conditions were for this game- Nanami blinked once, twice, then got herself off the middle of the road. That was probably a dangerous place to be. It was good that she did, because as she turned back to gaze up the road there was what she assumed to be a vehicle approaching through the darkness.

First goal, figure out setting and plot and win conditions-

Wait, was that a car? That looked like a really strange car, it- 

That's not a car.

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