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Who: Nanami, Open Invitation
Where: Streets of Hinoto-Ri, 13th Hour
Summary: If wandering around until you found a party worked for MMORPGs, why shouldn't it work here?
Warnings: nil

The sky was red. Nanami Chiaki was, once again, ignoring common sense and wandering around.

Then again, many players did that, didn't they.

Battles were supposedly best done in pairs here- thanks to that, it was apparently a thing for some people to make appointments on the Network. Nanami had browsed the Network messages, gotten an idea of which locations would be rife with demonhunters tonight- and in retrospect she should've made a comment, maybe, but it felt...... ...... ..... it felt awkward to say anything when everyone seemed to know everyone else. Yeah. Nanami was not good with networking. (A pity this site was called the Network. Eyyerugh, her kyrptonite!! Haha.)

The plan was to one- find a fellow hunter to tag-team with, and two- a quest aptly described by miming a gun with your hands and going pew pew pew. Or even better, ratatatatatatata like a machine gun, and cue evil laughter. Her Evoker was in her hand and she absently experimented with flipping it about once in a while as she strolled. There were growls and indescribably grotesque animal noises- but there were also large buildings with their anti-demon barriers, that Nanami made it a point to landmark in her mind in case she ever encountered something she didn't feel like fighting. 

In many cases it took less effort outsprinting your average Rattata-class mook than actually engaging them. Quest One had to be cleared before progress could be counted for the next. 

Now, time to go player-hunting! 

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