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Cataclysm [June 8th Open City Log for all Players]

Who: Open to All
Where: INSIDE the city.
When: From the 8th until the early morning of the 9th.
Summary: Something hits the barrier, and the entire city ends up in a state of panic.
Warnings: Depends on the players!

"Good morning, Hinoto-Ri! It is now eight in the morning, and time to buckle down for most of the working population! Please work hard for the sake of the city! Thank you! Weather today is more rain in the next hour and more rain until night in all the wards, no exceptions! The rain from the past few days continues to pour and--wait...what's that noise?"

A rumble was the first warning that something was wrong. The bustle of animals trying to escape the city was next, as birds gathered in the sky circling, unable to leave. It wasn't too long before the worst happened. Perhaps due to the morning fog and bad weather, it was impossible to see the giant object before it was too late, as it slammed against the city's protective barrier.

The entire city shook and was awoken to the sharp, painful sound of what could almost be a bomb going off, impossible to ignore. Buildings broke down as a giant earthquake rumbled for a few seconds, leaving in its wake a carnage of overturned vehicles, collapsing buildings and debris free-falling everywhere- the epicenter in the Leo Ward.

Whatever had caused this had already disappeared from view... Yet, those that had seen it crash would have noticed a large black form over city hall. A sort of stain in the barrier. Then, to the sound of screeching and windows breaking, a single giant piece of the crystal-like substance began to crack above in the sky, falling onto town hall. Just one piece, perhaps small compared to the barrier itself, but more than enough to cause severe property damage, sending half of the building tumbling right into the police headquarters and destroying part of that too.

Electricity went out in Leo, plunging the ward into near darkness. Apart from the hospital that instantly ran on auxiliary power, of course. The public network went down, depriving Hinoto-Ri of communication between the public, leaving only the visitor's own.

And while the barrier still held up, a very thin strand separating the world outside from Hinoto-Ri was now visible above the Leo Ward, casting a strange light over the carnage.

From the other wards, not everyone would know what happened right away. It almost seemed impossible, after all. A nightmare come to life.

It was over in barely a minute, but the city's entire face had drastically changed.


[OOC: This is the first of the upcoming event logs, and will take place on June 8th exclusively!

As of a note, that night, the 13TH HOUR WILL LAST 2 HOURS INSTEAD OF ONE so if you want to include that in one of your prompts, please go for it!

Characters can start their own threads, or reply to others. Subjects can be anything you think would make logical send during this day; keep in mind the city is in a state of panic and the public network is down, so anything goes from trying to save their apartments, to helping civilians to realizing what's going on during the 13 Hour. Make sure you mark down the time of your post so that other players are aware of when it's happening.

If you want information about the event, the post is here. Characters are HIGHLY encouraged to mingle with each other. NPCs and demons may show up in certain threads too, so keep your eyes peeled and have fun with each other!

A note to new players; there will be another log posted on the 9th for new players who wish to show up behind the barrier.]

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