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The Silver Key [Closed]

Where: The Velvet Room
Summary: Someone had a dream and was given an item, then decided to do something about it.
When: June 7th
Warnings: Is someone really gonna try putting the key in Igor's nose?

This wasn't a normal trip to the Velvet Room for a switch of persona or a quest. No, there was a reason behind it, as the three had an item that perhaps could be answered by the residents of the venue. As the glowing blue door is opened, the sounds of life and the city grow quiet.

They appear in one of the many blue and white cabins of the Velvet Train, as the train continues to move around in the air. Soft and comforting music can be heard in the background, calming the souls of those who enter. The windows are open and outside a breathtaking view of a starry night sky.

Well, now it was up to them to decide what to do. Time to run to the bar cabin, or make a plan in this area first?

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