dekillerqueen: (god he'll get ice cream on his 'stache)
Shelly de Killer ([personal profile] dekillerqueen) wrote in [community profile] destinystrings2014-06-26 10:10 pm

Open for Business 2: Baking Boogaloo

Who: Open to all (but especially Nanami)!
Where: A nice little bakery in the Virgo district, thankfully undamaged despite all the recent happenings.
Summary: Shelly has been productive.
Warnings: None for now, aside from ordinary, vague Shelly-grade creepiness.

Shelly wouldn't call it a plus, exactly, but the fact that his apartment was wrecked does mean that he spends a lot more time in the bakery these days. As a result, his humble bakery is currently full of fresh, delicious goodies... at incredibly appealing prices! What a business man.

Just don't go into the back room.

He would be very displeased if you went into the back room.

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