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Who: Takakage and a couple of people. Semi-open; if you want to jump in, ping me on plurk first and we can arrange something.
Where: Leo Ward, in the hospital
Summary: Someone finally wakes up to 2085947585 COMP messages.

Regaining awareness was an unusual experience.

Takakage couldn't remember anything of the days before, save for a vague sensation of rising through deep water. The return to consciousness remaindd in his recollections, though - a sharp jolt of crisp images, as if breaching the ocean surface and up into air. It was disorienting, especially given that the medical staff responded very quickly - and also because it took him a few hours to remember what transpired just before he had blacked out.

Given that he was in the Leo Ward and not within the bowels of a giant demon, it ought to be safe to assume that things did turn out as planned.

A little inquiring provided him with the reassuring fact that both the two lords had survived unharmed. Though it would be a while before he was able to try and contact them again. The first day passed in a whirl of sound and movement, filled with myriads of tests and staff bustling about. At the end of the evening, the doctor had insisted that he rest - and it was a decision he was not allowed to refuse.

Sedation couldn't be bypassed, no matter how hard he tried to fight off its effects.

The second day fared better - the morning air cleared his head, and allowed him to think better. Time to check up on what's been happening -

- Taro, why did you send a hundred messages? The COMP was even starting to lag...

[ ooc: Takakage is going to send individual messages to people he knows, so there will be 'sub-threads' for each person. Ping me if you would like one! ]

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