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Taro Watanabe ([personal profile] hachitaro) wrote in [community profile] destinystrings2014-07-04 09:22 pm

burgers and explosions;

Who: Taro and OPEN
Where: Capricorn, in the Central Park
Summary: Taro may originally be Japanese but he's been in America long enough to consider himself American. Certain traditions should be followed.
Warnings: ... Not really.
Music: America Fuck Yeah [NSFW]

After making his network post, Taro goes back to cooking his burgers. It's hard to get it just right, but he's had plenty of time to practice and enough fast food jobs to know how to make sure it looks good. He's got a blanket spread out with cups and bowls for the soda and the chips respectively, and there's the sounds of Bon Jovi music if anyone gets close, despite there being no CD player.

Later in the night, Taro's got a lighter out and the fireworks ready. None of them are really big, but they're loud. Someone might find him either right before he lights one, or after - they're not exactly quiet and the explosions are probably audible from a long distance away.

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