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e x o r c i s m

Who: Characters who signed up here.
Where: Outside the dome, Pluto Zone
Summary: It's angel hunting time.

Not for the first time, the desolate silence of the Pluto Zone was disturbed.

People manifested upon the arid plain - six individuals within a latent rune circle that had spontaneously flared into existence. A few carried equipment, which they carried towards the gleaming golden tree upon the horizon. One youth directed the others, and together the group set up several devices in a wide circle upon the Angels' roost. Once they were all in place, the leader turned towards his companions.

"It seems that everything is ready." Flynn spread his arms, indicating the seven monitoring arrays which they had put into place. "I hope you all are."

He inhaled deeply, pressing a button upon his Gauntlet. There is a brief burst of static, and a mechanical dragon appears by his side.

"We begin."

Fafnir roared and opened its maw, forming a glittering orb of light between its jaws. A moment later the orb elongated into a spear of golden light, and the demon fired its Grand Tack at the branch which connected one cocoon to the tree -

- a flash of light flared into existence, accompanied by the sound of crystal shattering. Four voices began speaking in unison, the sound sending chills down everyone's spine.

Foolish filth who dare desecrate our slumber - perish before the power of us heralds bearing the might of God himself!

[ ooc: this is the log for the angel hunting plot! characters are divided into teams of two, and they each face one angel. once three angels have been defeated, their leader will reveal itself. the battles will be hard, but they will not be impossible to win. do you best, everyone! ]

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