tyrantball: (MWAHAHAHAHA)
QUEEN SASSMOUTH ([personal profile] tyrantball) wrote in [community profile] destinystrings2014-12-07 12:13 pm


Who: Desco and OPEN
Where: Everywhere!
Summary: Everything is Desco and nothing hurts.
Warnings: Desco

It starts, as so many of these things do, in battle. You were probably about to summon your own Persona when there was a sort of shattering noise and something that sounded remarkably like a little girl's voice.

"Ooo, what does this do? Desco will recklessly activate it!"

Whatever the Persona you were about to summon, you get something entirely different. The new Persona looks around, blinking all fourteen of her eyes before squealing in delight.

"Yaaay! Desco is a Persona now! Dance for her, minions, or she will withhold her power from you!"

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