Jan. 30th, 2014

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Who: OPEN (Other than the one section specified)
Where: Virgo then wherever Casa de Monster is.
Summary: Johnny wakes back up in Hinoto-ri...and it's nice and sunny out. He does some shopping, then heads home.
Warnings: None right now, will update in the future
Open to all )

Closed to Monster House )

((OOC: Feel free to run into Johnny in the market--literally or not--or tag in with your character doing something and Johnny can react/interact!))


Jan. 30th, 2014 04:53 pm
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Who: Berserker of Black and anyone
Where: Capricorn District, Park
When: 13th Hour of January 30
Summary: Someone new has arrived, and she is confused and angry.
Warnings: Berserker will be starting this log with Mad Enhancement active, meaning she is likely to attack anyone who approaches.

[During the 13th Hour, in the Capricorn District, a great battle rages.

In the middle of the barren field, there is a scientist in a white lab coat.  He has his arms held out, and appears to be trying to say something.  Unfortunately, his words are cut off every several seconds by the second combatant: a teenage girl wearing a pure white wedding dress trimmed in purple and metallic heeled boots, with a rather curious metal horn protruding from her head.  She bellows in rage, slamming the end of a large mace into the man over and over again.]


[Curiously, her frenzied assault seems to be doing just as much damage to her as it is to the man.  Every time she howls in rage and spins her mace around to swing it into the man's chest, the girl herself lets out a grunt as she's knocked back a few steps, as if she'd gotten the wind knocked out of her.  Anyone approaching closely enough may catch a few words of what the man is trying to say, between successive attacks and as the girl begins to tire from exertion.]

I... thou... art...

[Is that... her Persona?]



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