Feb. 27th, 2014

blessed_by_the_world: (And I find it kind of funny)
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Hand me some of the blue ones....

[People in the Scorpio district today might notice a young girl decorating the outside wall of the Mark Immortal's theater. She's standing on a step ladder while an odd little creature hands her up various paints, brushes and other supplies. Right now she's using bits of colored glass, taken from various broken bottles found in the trash. The picture seems to be of people lining up to go to the theater. Those who look closer might notice that the people seem to be familiar. They're all various visitors that Akane has met or seen. They might even see themselves. Everyone is depicted as cheerful and friendly. The blue glass is currently being used to decorate someone's dress. And the little girl seems to be having a pretty good time herself.

.....But does she even have permission to do this?]

Ooh, that looks great! What do you think, Shizuo-kun?



(We needed to link it since it caused problems)