Mar. 29th, 2014

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Who: Anyone who wants to
What: Clearing monsters away from the entrance of Mictlan.
Where: Gemini District, near Mictlan
Warnings: Fighting

The area surrounding Mictlan is dangerous all on it's own. The group that went in could use a hand clearing the entrance of monsters. That's where you guys come in. Anyone who wants to can join in to fight some demons. Just use the stats for the demons below and make your own threads. Have fun!


Monsters! )
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Who: Agatha Heterodyne, Soujirou Seta, Jonathan, Eikichi Mishina, Miss Martian, Ruri Hoshino
What: Exploring the ruins
Where: Mictlan
Warnings: Violence, danger, possibly language

Let's go exploring! )

[OOC: So here they are in the first room. Obligatory 'everybody arrives mingle thread' has been cut for time. No thread order for the same reason. As I said in the plotting post, I will be adding at least one 'move things forward tag' per day. But feel free to move things forward on your own too. That said, enjoy!]



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