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[action, anywhere in the city, open to all]
'Scuse me, pardon me!

[Perhaps you are relaxing in your room.  Or perhaps you're enjoying a dip in the pool or taking a breather in the library.  Regardless of the activity in question, the peaceful atmosphere is suddenly broken by the intrusion of someone in a black and white costume carrying a knapsack filled with packages flying through -- yes, straight through.  Straight through the wall and out the outer side, tossing out a hurried note of apology along the way.

...In the moments of stunned disbelief afterwards, the girl sticks her head back through the wall and waves a bit to catch your attention.  As if it isn't already caught.]

Actually, do you know a 'Dennis'?  I'm looking for a Dennis.  Or -- maybe this is a P, I can't really tell, but I can't imagine anyone naming their kid that unless they really hated the thought of having kids.  ...It's just kind of mean.

[Before too much time can be spent pondering on the dilemma of D vs. P, Phantom Girl thrusts the package she's holding back into her sack and rummages around.]

Oh, I might have one for you, too, actually.  Did you order anything from a... 'Nyx's Nightclub' lately?

[Phantom Girl had found a day job, apparently.]

[video, public]
[Some two hours later, an irritated Phantom Girl appears on the screen.]

I can't believe it!  They're docking my pay this week!  I mean, I don't need it, but that's incredibly unfair.

I thought the point of being a courier was to get the job done as fast as you can; what's the use of plodding about all over the place reading the street signs?  It's way faster to do it my way; all of you got your deliveries faster than you were expecting, right?  I mean, it's not like you guys have anything to hide in your rooms.  And it's not like I opened a package or anything - that's the only privacy concern they should be worried about.

[She continues to stew and mutter aimlessly for a few moments before striding closer to the screen and pointing at it.]

...Seriously, though, did one of you snitch?

((OoC Note: No toilet/shower shenanigans, please!))

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Who: Ruri and Open
Where: Virgo Ward
When: July 7th
Summary: Ruri is going to get a birthday cake for herself, mostly because she's afraid if she doesn't the people at home would be mad at her.
Warnings: None of note?

Ruri was out, out of her ship, out on the town, out of uniform in a simple dress. She was looking from bakery to bakery and after the 5th or so one she purchased a cake and some candles and moved away from all the hubbub of any festivals to sit down and light them.

"....This seems like such a waste, but I think Minato would be mad if I didn't. Not that it really matters here I guess."
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Who: Kotoha, Fumi Kanno, maaaaybe Fumi's CR?
Where: Leo Ward, backdated to July 3rd
Summary: Kotoha drags the birthday girl out for lunch.
Warnings: Kotoha, being ridiculous, etc., etc.
It's not very effective... )
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[action, June 28th, with Nano Shinonome]
[Well, something bizarre was happening in town again. From the reports coming in, the modus operandi this time around was harmless pranking - nothing to cause permanent damage or anything much more severe than acute embarrassment, but something of an inconvenience, still. On this day, as he has done the last few days, Atsuro wakes up and very carefully checks his room for traps and other such nefarious plots before declaring the coast clear.

The first order of business, of course, is to check the forums he frequents for updates. Atsuro logs on and happily begins to browse the web, somehow failing to notice an extra device stuck into his USB port that wasn't there the night before... A green light flashes on this foreign wireless communications device as the computer starts up. 

...Whoa.  10 new responses.  It was time, as it always was, to edumacate the masses with his wealth of knowledge.  Atsuro clicks the Reply button on topics titled things like 'LF: Radishes, FT: Parsnips', 'how do u get the hammar?' and 'What do the gold tools do?']

Yeah, you have to catch a arapaima in the tropical region to unlock the gold fishing rod. It just gives you an extra bite at the line before the fish escapes.

Anyone want to trade something for daikon radishes? I don't know where all of these came from, but I'm running out of inventory space. I still need to get some arugula growing...

The hammer is kind of useless if you're not going to fight the optional tanuki boss. When he tries to make you pay your loans, you can refuse and fight him for a discount instead. Hammer the weak point for massive damage - or you can use the platinum shovel to create spiked pitfalls.

[TAB to the next screen TAB to the next screen TAB to the next screen....

And across town, whoever is talking to Nano may suddenly find themselves staring at Nano's arm. Which is now cake. Awkward.]

[action, June 30th, 13th Hour]
[Wow that fiasco with Nano had been horrifying to figure out probably the worst thing was that the cake had looked pretty delicious it was hard to problem solve when you kept thinking about taking a bite out of your good friend's cake hand. It is the 13th Hour now as Atsuro decides it is time to step away from his games for a night and actually do the job he was sent here to do. There's something off about Chouchin-obake; it had been impossible to fail to notice as it had grown stronger with repeated training. While the Persona was definitely improving attack-wise, something was... off. It wasn't like Enki, with whom he had felt more and more unified the stronger it had become. Or even Gates, with whom he had shared something of a definite camaraderie by the end.

No, Chouchin-obake just grew more and more ornery and more likely to set random things on fire of its own accord. ...Maybe it was time for a switch.

Caught up in these thoughts, Atsuro is slightly unprepared when he stumbles across the giant rock sitting smack dab in the middle of the Cancer district. He is even more unprepared when it sits up and punches him in the face without so much as a grunt to announce its presence.]


[The Spriggan unfolds itself and lumbers towards the boy, whose immediate reaction is to thrust his hands into his pockets for his COMP which he had found sitting on his end table before he'd gone out.


OK let's try that again. Thrusting his hands into his pockets for his COMP.  Thrusting his hands.... OK, thrusting his hands and he finds... his, uh... belt? And... six tiny red balls.............. what.]


[He prods at one. It spits out an enormous bug. The bug promptly turns around and spits fire at Atsuro.]

What's going on?!

((The first response will probably actually be threads with Nano if anyone is interested in responding to that.  The fairies have hooked it up so that every time Atsuro presses TAB, Nano spits out rollcake! 

Additionally it is also cool to say that the faeries also hooked it up so that everything he types personally is broadcast to the public.))
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Who: Nano Shinonome, Kotoha, and Yukko Aioi
Where: Shinonome Lab, Pisces District
When: Wednesday morning
Summary: Pixie mischief makes for strange bedfellows.
Warnings: Girly fluff?  Also, haha, prose, what is that.

[It's another beautiful summer morning in the Pisces District, and Nano's fast asleep.  She's been working hard lately, training and fighting during the 13th Hour, so today she's decided to sleep in for a change.  Sometime in the middle of the night, she managed to wriggle her way out from under her futon, and is all tangled up in the blankets.  But she's also tangled up with something - or rather, someone - that she didn't quite expect.  It's a good thing she's still off in dreamland, or she'd probably be in a full-on panic right about now.  But for the time being at least, the little robot is having a pleasant dream, arms wrapped around what her body probably thinks is a pillow.]

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Who: You, and also you!
Where: Around the city! Specify where in the reply, along with what night.
Summary: The Visitors have a job to make the city safer and strengthen their Personas to get cool powers.
Warnings: Violence against demons an inevitability; please mention any other warnings as they come up.

In the excitement of summer, it might have slipped some Visitor's minds to go out and patrol the city during the 13th Hour. On the other hand, some were infused with even more energy on those summer nights. It really all depended on the person and perhaps whether their previous encounters were Frosts and Prinnies or something nastier.

Speaking of which... what was out there to be fought tonight?

[This is an open 13th Hour log! Replies should include date and location in the subject line. Have fun and remember to tag your characters!]
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▼ Consider the Following......
Who: Anyone
Where: The entire city
When: June 8th-15th
Summary: Science and Knowledge Exop in the Leo Ward.
Warnings: That depends who is there. Remember to mark your titles clearly if any warnings need to be issued!

▼ You know what rules?
Science. Science and the inquiring mind has kept humanity on the path of progress for hundreds of thousands of years. What could make science rule harder?

A science showcase, of course! What better way spark the curiosity of the young and old by showing off the scientific achievements of the community. You have your things for the kids, your potato batteries and baking soda volcanoes and what-have-you, you have your higher-brow showcases of what the Department of Wands has been working on, your informative panels delving into biology, physics, chemistry and astronomy. There's even free food, including some molecular gastronomy creations for the...adventurous. There are even topics your average Visitor wouldn't think fell under the realms of science.

Such as? Why, like how Personas work (with explanations that aren't just "It's Magic") or discussions about demons, where they might come from, how they're different and similar to humans, how they use magic, and so on.

What kind of things will you and your friends discover? Perhaps you or someone you know is setting up an exhibit?

Regardless, enjoy the science fair and have fun!

[OOC: You are allowed to start a thread if you want your character to have a booth / hold a topic in a private room, or just do threads where you go around visiting. Projects and seminars are varied! Share your knowledge! Enjoy the science! Eat some really strange food! Try not to mix too much baking soda with vinegar!]
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Who: Kotoha & Various
Where: All over!
Summary: Kotoha's out and about, riding all around the city
Warnings: Kotoha is ridiculous.
Out and about, where the sun is always shining )
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▼ A weekend of healing...
Who: Anyone
Where: The entire city
When: May 25th - May 27th
Summary: Two options: Either taken to the hospital to aid their healing, those affected by the strings are suddenly and violently free from their mixed memories. Otherwise, they can stay in their apartment, but they'll need help...
Warnings: That depends who is there. Remember to mark your titles clearly if any warnings need to be issued!

▼ In Leo Ward...
There was not much they could do but observe what was happening, as memories continued to mix between the Visitors, giving them visions of things they would rather not see. The Government did what they could, and offered them a stay at the hospital where, at least, they would be taken care of and less of a danger to others.

What no one expected was that, suddenly, everything would stop. Violently, the Strings snapped back into place, knocking not only the air and energy out of those affected, but damaging their mental state as well.

Left with just lingering small memories of that other person they had shared personal memories with, it would take a few days for everyone to heal.

And yet, some would remember not only that other person but strange little memories as well...perhaps it would be a good time to figure out what those meant with others...

Otherwise, it was going to be a few days of being completely drained of energy, making even using the comp a challenge for tired hands and sore muscles. Many would sleep for a full day, finally enjoying a quiet sleep for the first time in eleven days. For others...well nothing but watching tv and hospital food, one supposes.

But who could have caused this? Perhaps the clues were already in place...

[OOC : Open log for everyone who wants to either be in the hospital or play out somewhere close by.]
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Who: Everyone interested in .~*STARS*~.
Where: Sagittarius labs; topmost floor.
Summary: The renamed Ophiuchus Observatory has been opened to the public, as well as volunteers willing to scan the heavens. Perhaps the answer to the Zodiac Effect truly does lie within the stars...?
Music: LAW
Warnings: Space, also science.
itp stars stars errywhur )
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Who: Everybody who signed up here.
When: Saturday night, the dark hour
Where: Azuchi castle, the Gemini district
Summary: Exploring a haunted castle. Because that always goes well.
Warnings: Spooky castle, crazy lady, ghosts.... That's really it.

Here, have some mood music.

C'mon gang, we've got a mystery on our hands! )

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▼ All things change, and we change with them (13th hour & arrival log)
Who: Anyone
Where: The entire city
When: May 8th - May 14th
Summary: This is both a Newcomer log AND a General 13th hour log
Warnings: That depends who is there. Remember to mark your titles clearly if any warnings need to be issued!

▼ When it is darkest, men see the stars...(13th hour)
13th Hour Info )

▼ Ode of the Newcomer
Newcomer Information )

▼ Extra Long OOC Blurb
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▼ Quick Links
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