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Where: The Velvet Room
Summary: Someone had a dream and was given an item, then decided to do something about it.
When: June 7th
Warnings: Is someone really gonna try putting the key in Igor's nose?

This wasn't a normal trip to the Velvet Room for a switch of persona or a quest. No, there was a reason behind it, as the three had an item that perhaps could be answered by the residents of the venue. As the glowing blue door is opened, the sounds of life and the city grow quiet.

They appear in one of the many blue and white cabins of the Velvet Train, as the train continues to move around in the air. Soft and comforting music can be heard in the background, calming the souls of those who enter. The windows are open and outside a breathtaking view of a starry night sky.

Well, now it was up to them to decide what to do. Time to run to the bar cabin, or make a plan in this area first?
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Welcome to the Great Show on Earth

Who: Chosen 5 (Closed Log)
Where: Aries Stadium and Beyond
Summary: The Aries Monster Strikes unexpectedly.
When: 19th of April, 11AC, 13th hour.
Warnings: Fear, Horror, Dead bodies, Body Damage, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
Battle Music: Breathe

And for my next trick... )
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Who: Agatha Heterodyne, Soujirou Seta, Jonathan, Eikichi Mishina, Miss Martian, Ruri Hoshino
What: Exploring the ruins
Where: Mictlan
Warnings: Violence, danger, possibly language

Let's go exploring! )

[OOC: So here they are in the first room. Obligatory 'everybody arrives mingle thread' has been cut for time. No thread order for the same reason. As I said in the plotting post, I will be adding at least one 'move things forward tag' per day. But feel free to move things forward on your own too. That said, enjoy!]
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Who: Agatha Heterodyne and Fumi Kanno
Where: Castle Heterodyne
What: Unwise scientific experimentation.
Warnings: Lucrezia Mongfish None

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Who: Akihiko Sanada & Friends
Where: Caduceus Hospital
Summary: Akihiko Sanada arrives from the Tower of Animus which means he needs a new body.
Warnings: Persona 3 Tear Factory

What can you tell me about this Tower? )
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Who: Ayumu Narumi & Friends
Where: MAGI Building
Summary: The Persona game is attempted by a new arrival
Warnings: Philemon shows up in this one. SCIENCE?!

Hey, have you heard about the Persona Game? )
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▼ Let's go!

Who: The chosen four (Kotoha, Agatha, Zelgius & Ruri)
Where: The Arena
Summary: Boss Battle
Warnings: Boss Battle

Why am I here?... )
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Who: Four Chosen (Nikolai, Masked Man/Claus, Yurick & Garviel) [Closed]
Where: The Great Arena
Summary: The city is able to detect the newest Astrology Monster before it can spring properly into action. Or has it?
Warnings: Battles
Music: Choke

There's been a grave mistake... )
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Who: Miyako Hotsuin ([personal profile] capitalbackup ), Fumi Kanno ([personal profile] terminally_clever ) and Senri ([personal profile] bear_necessities ).
Where: JP’s headquarters
Summary: After the getting out of the hospital due to the memory swap event, Miyako and Fumi arranged to interview Senri.
Warnings: None for now.

I’ll think up something witty here later )
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Who: Kazuya Minegishi ([personal profile] belfire) and Johnny Rayflo ([personal profile] not_heavens_adam)
Where: Block away from DeDeDe's Club
When: Past midnight, 5th May
Warnings: Mentions of dismemberment/gore/violence
Summary: Kazuya finally sucks it up and apologises for gutting Johnny during the Taurus event.

Stalking does not equal apologising )
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▼ Let's go!

Who: The chosen five (Sora (AU3), Latooni, Elzam, Fumi and Xellos)
Where: Taurus Ward
Summary: Boss Battle in Taurus Ward Underground
Warnings: Boss Battle

The hunt begins... )
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Who: Miyako Hotsuin ([personal profile] capitalbackup) and William ([personal profile] djvelvet).
Where: Cancer, arcade and possibly food and music store later?
Summary: After doing her research and making plans, Miyako takes William out on a date.
Warnings: Derp and awkward?

it all leads to this )
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Who: Yosuke Otoha, Johnny Rayflo, and Desco
Where: Otoha's apartment
Summary: It's Otoha's birthday, and Desco has decided to surprise him with a party! THIS CANNOT POSSIBLY GO WRONG
Warnings: Possible cuteness
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Who: Junko Tanako & other City NPCs, Cloche Leythal Pastalia
Where: Hinoto-Ri's City Hall
Summary: Cloche is introduced to City Hall.
Warnings: Nothing.

This City is what it is because our citizens are what they are. )
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Who: Kanji Tatsumi and Noda
Where: Central Park, Capricorn Ward
Summary: Idiots fight off who's not a wuss
Warnings: Stupids and some violence and shirtless guy(s)????

Derps. )
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Who: Miyako Hotsuin ([personal profile] capitalbackup) and Yamato Hotsuin ([personal profile] drakenguard).
When: March 29th.
Where: The park, Capricorn
Summary: When Miyako discovered her sparring partner and personal obstacle disappeared, she’s not happy at all. Instead of stewing on this, she send a message to her brother.
Warnings: Eventually brawling. Otherwise, a pair of Hotsuins.

Who will I overcome )
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Who: Yamato Hotsuin [personal profile] drakenguard and Ideo Hazama [personal profile] putonagoodshow
Where: Sagittarius Labs
When: Backdated to the 11th March
Summary: Yamato's Daddy Issues Conclusion! Cerberus Summoning! Hideousness of what happens when being raised by a star alien!
Warnings: Alcor is involved so expect lots of anger, bitterness and...anger. Also I tl;dr'd

And now...for the thrilling conclusion! )
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Who: Miyako Hotsuin ([personal profile] capitalbackup) and Mordred Pendragon ([personal profile] hadronknight)
When: Backdated to March 3rd.
Where: Mount Utsugi, Gemini district.
Summary: Miyako challenged Mordred to a duel.
Warnings: Sword duel fighting in here. And maybe internal issues from Miyako because Hotsuin issues.

or a duel with hidden motives )
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Who: some white-haired lamers Alcor ([personal profile] jumyouboshi) and Yamato Hotsuin ([personal profile] drakenguard)
Where: Libra 6-02, aka Alcor's apartment.
Summary: Alcor gets a visit from one of the last people he expected. While said person is drunk, at that.
Warnings: Alcor and Yamato interacting within a 10 feet radius. Hideousness is inevitable.

before you say i am stoling this apartment let me explain you a thing )



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