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▼ Joint Fall Festival and 13th Hour Log!
Who: Anyone
Where: Virgo and all over the city!
When: The 22nd of September and any 13th Hour!
Summary: A combination Fall Festival log and 13th Hour log!
Warnings: Stay away if you are allergic to celebrations and fun. ...Or demons.

▼ As long as Heaven and Earth endure, I offer such to you...
Time for a Festival... Once More! )

▼ Tis now the very witching time of night
But a festival can't last forever... )

▼ OOC Blurb
Make sure you read all of this! )

▼ Quick Links
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Who: Agatha Heterodyne, some dingbots, and you
Where: The Pisces apartments, and possibly also the other apartments via the teleporters.
What: Agatha has built herself some small assistants. They've gotten bored and are wandering around unsupervised.
Warnings: Precocious little robots. Potential mutilation of household appliances.
OOC: Let me know in the subject line if you want the Dingbots, Agatha, or both.

Dingbots~! )
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Who: Erk, OPEN
Where: Leo District
When: Backdated to August 11th, not that it makes much difference. Midday.
Summary: A new arrival decides the best place to go for answers is straight to the top.
Warnings: None except what you bring with you!

We'd like to know a little bit about you for our files... )

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