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Who: You, and also you!
Where: Around the city! Specify where in the reply, along with what night.
Summary: The Visitors have a job to make the city safer and strengthen their Personas to get cool powers.
Warnings: Violence against demons an inevitability; please mention any other warnings as they come up.

In the excitement of summer, it might have slipped some Visitor's minds to go out and patrol the city during the 13th Hour. On the other hand, some were infused with even more energy on those summer nights. It really all depended on the person and perhaps whether their previous encounters were Frosts and Prinnies or something nastier.

Speaking of which... what was out there to be fought tonight?

[This is an open 13th Hour log! Replies should include date and location in the subject line. Have fun and remember to tag your characters!]
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Who: Taro and OPEN (backdated to the 29th)
Where: Capricorn (Naganaki shrine), Virgo (Junes), Taurus (Nyx's Bar), Taurus streets (13th hour)
Summary: It's Taro's birthday! Or the approximate date he thinks he came into existence since he was never actually born. Either way it's time to do the 'appropriate' thing, cruise by a store, and then get drunk. And then stumble out during the 13th hour and get ambushed by a demon. As you do.
Warnings: Is being drunk a warning? idk that I guess. Talk of death. Also probably screaming and swearing for the last prompt.
Do dead people get birthdays? Survey says... yes. )
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Who: King DeDeDe, the employees of the Penguin's Nest, esteemed friends and guests, and anyone with money
Where: The Penguin's Nest in Taurus District
When: The evening of May 29th until the sun comes up on the 30th
Summary: DeDeDe's birthday was on the 22nd, but the event happened, so he's throwing himself a week late belated party
Warnings: Standard warnings for the party taking place in a strip club and being for a perverted hedonist penguin

[Not too long ago, DeDeDe hadn't been expecting to live to see another birthday - he'd met a rather violent end in his own world before coming to Hinoto-Ri. So now that May has rolled around and he's still alive and well, he's decided to have a little get-together in his own honor at the Penguin's Nest a week after the fact. The party was supposed to be on the actual date of his birthday, but he was rather preoccupied at the time with Samus' memories, so he ended up pushing back plans to tonight. It's a little short notice, but who cares. Early on in the day, to give people as much time as he could, DeDeDe sent out a message to every COMP in town:


Nice and short and simple. Normally he wasn't the type to pass out free drinks - even for something like this - but DeDeDe had gotten a good business fortune at the festival and thought this might be a good way to drum up some new attendance at the club. He had of course informed the staff weeks in advance, letting them put together whatever they felt like for the occasion but not really asking for anything specific aside from their presence. They're not exactly in the most warm and fuzzy line of work here, after all.

But all the same, the club is open a few hours before sundown, just as usual. DeDeDe's waiting inside at the door to greet everyone personally, shaking hands and schmoozing it up as he is wont to do. There are also a number of
little red guys in party hats in attendance, mostly just milling around dancing and hanging around near the penguin king as he makes his way through the club to mingle with the other guests. There's also a big elaborate birthday cake sitting on the bar courtesy of Johnny, with the usual rotating cast of succubi working the dance floor as party music blasts from the speakers.]

((OOC: This is pretty much just an open mingle log. No post order, everyone just tag in as you please! Friends and close CR of DeDeDe's are definitely welcome, but it's not necessary to know him personally to get in. If your character just wants to show up, get the free drink, and leave, that's totally cool too.))
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Who: Shura and OPEN
Where: The gym in Pisces
Summary: Shura is training hard, though in an usual manner
Warnings: Usual shirtless Shura warning

Float like a butterfly... )
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Who: Hitoshura and YOU!
Where: Capricorn and Pisces
Summary: Shura is suddenly cursed with lots of love

She loves demons, but not quite like that )
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▼ The Darkening Days

Who: Everyone. This is a general catch-all Taurus Event log. If you would like to do your own separate logs either due to pacing or easier loading, by all means, please do so!
Where: The Entire City
Summary: The last days of the Taurus event as things start to sour dramatically. During the 13th hour, Mutation Skills are unlocked for certain people (see the info post here) and now people have a chance against the swarming mechanized bulls. Unfortunately, for some, this means the paranoia hit a new low....if you want, you can get together and join each other's posts to try to hold the city down and protect everyone!
Warnings: Strange Attitudes, NPCs, Attacking, Battles.
Note: Please mark your post with what date they are happening. We are allowing anywhere from the 23th to future-dating to the 26th itself. Go on and have fun!

▼ The nights grow weary and a pattern seems to be forming...(days until the 26th)
We put our trust in this theory )

▼ The day of reckoning...(April 26th, before the 13th Hour)
And yet, we were deceived by our own blindness. )

▼ The Hour at Hand...(April 26th, 13th Hour)
And the sky turned Red, the earth splitting as hellish creatures rose... )
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Who: Dante and OPEN.
Where: Anywhere.
Summary: There's a new arrival and his priorities are questionable.
Warnings: None.

Looks like we're not in Kansas anymore, Dante. )
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Who: The Courier and you!
Where: Taurus District, nighttime.
Summary: A new arrival has a bit of unfortunate luck...
Warnings: General warnings that apply to the red light district.

All too similar, but different. )
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Who: King DeDeDe, the employees of the Penguin's Nest, a whole bunch of succubi and incubi, and YOU
Where: The Penguin's Nest in the Taurus District
Summary: There's a new nightclub in town, and it's having its grand opening tonight
Warnings: This place is an adult entertainment venue, so potentially sex, drugs, alcohol, and things like that. Probably just regular mingling and chatting, though.

There is a house in New Orleans, they call the Rising Sun... )

((OOC: The club is open for business! Threadjacking and mingling is encouraged. If there's anything I've missed, or if there's a location you'd like to play in that I haven't made a thread for, feel free to create your own.))
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The ceremony for the unveiling of the Grand Prix memorial goes off without a hitch; it was a small event, in that it wasn't much of an event at all. It took place in the morning and the early afternoon of the 15th. The Mayor showed up to give a speech in honor of the dead, which everyone agreed dragged on for a minute too long. His secretary and the law enforcement were honored once more in what they could do, then they lamented what they could not, and members of the grieving families were allowed front and foremost positions during the whole affair. Security was tight, for fear of retaliation, but nothing came.

The monument itself was elegant in its simplicity: a wall on the outside of the stadium had been put aside for it, the material replaced with something akin to black marble, and the names of all of the deceased listed along its surface. At the top, in the center of the wall was an engraving of a lion, its fangs bared not in hostility, but protection; and just underneath it was Bunrakuken Karube's name, along with his tournament title, praising him as the Invincible Champion of the Persona Grand Prix.

All in all, a rather mundane proceeding, though sobering for the populace. It was broadcasted on the airwaves live, and there was hardly even a hair out of place. The entire city thereafter seemed to be rather quiet that afternoon; the concert revived the life of its crowd, but even the 13th Hour seemed to be less abuzz than normal for the districts away from the music. Though the hour picked up back to its regular pace as the night wore on.

What was really interesting, now, was what happened afterwards. )
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♠ ♣ A Game of Chance ♥ ♦

Who: Anyone
Where: Aramid Room
Summary: You enter the Dream World and are given a key. But will you use it? (Note that your character does NOT have to come to this log, the dream only happens for characters you want to come to the Aramid room)
When: Futuredated to the 13th
Warnings: Some characters may have terrible desires. It depends who is there, but this IS the Aramid Room.

The Aramid Room is delighted to make your acquaintance... )
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▼ Something Old, Something New (13th hour & arrival log)
Who: Anyone
Where: The entire city
When: The news two weeks
Summary: This is both a Newcomer log AND a General 13th hour log
Warnings: That depends who is there

▼ When it is darkest, men see the stars...(13th hour)
13th Hour Info )

▼ Ode of the Newcomer
Newcomer Information )

▼ Extra Long OOC Blurb
Make sure you read all of this! )

▼ Quick Links
Hidari Shoutarou | Open | 4th, during the 13th hour.
Jun Kurosu | Open | March 4th, 13th Hour
Joshua Kiryuu | Aries Ward | Open | March 5, 8th hour
Neku Sakuraba [AU1] | Scorpio Ward | March 5th, 3PM | Open
Midori Komaki | Pisces Ward | Open | March 5th, 9th Hour
Adamaï | Sagittarius District | March 5th, evening
Shiki Misaki | Aries | March 5th, afternoon | Open
Miyabi Hanakouji | Public Metro | March 6th, midday | Open
Sanae Hanekoma | Virgo District | March 5th
Haru | Any ward | Open | March 6 6AM
Geis | Open | March 6th, 13th Hour
Yami Yuugi | Virgo Ward | OPEN | Monday 4th, 13th Hour
Sora Naegino | Nyx's Club | The 6th
Rätsel Feinschmecker - The 6th - Aries Ward - Open
Zuko, Weds the 6th, Virgo
Joshua Kiryu (AU) | Virgo District | March 6th (early evening)
Lisa Silverman | Virgo Ward | Open | March 9th, morning
Benjamin Linus | 13th Hour, March 13 | OPEN
Souji Seta [AU2] | March 12th, 13th Hour | Aquarius Ward
Lanister | March 12th | Leo-13th hour | OPEN
ryu / petit frost statue / virgo ward
Yosuke Hanamura [AU2] | March 12th, Noon | Virgo Ward (JUNES)

Penguin's Nest - Taurus District - OPEN
The Lunar Sanctum | Gemini Ward | OPEN

Faris | Depends on the day | Open
Noda | Near Pisces Ward for the first day, then various districts after that - Open
Gegege no Kitaro | Open | 13th Hour Only
Meetra | Leo Ward, Monday 3/4 | Open
Hizumi CAPRICORN - 13th hour; Monday the 4th
Miyako Hotsuin | Open | Sagittarius | March 5th
Yuzuru Otonashi [AU#1] - Libra district & everywhere - open!
Daichi 13th Hour, Any Ward Any Day | OPEN
Chie Satonaka | 13th Hour | OPEN
Masamune Date [AU] | Virgo Ward | OPEN | 3/6 - 13th Hour
Tachikoma | Any District | Open
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Who: Senri and Open
Where: Capricorn Ward
Summary: Senri is new in town and he's camping out in the park. Mostly because he has NO IDEA that he has an apartment. Fun times.
Warnings: Umm... dead pigeons?

Kind of a strange intro... )
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New Arrivals

Who: Open to Everyone, but only Newly Accepted Characters can start threads.
Where: All around the city! They appear where you want them to appear.
Summary: Newcomers arrive and by now the Government is more ready and sends everyone out to go people hunting.
Warnings: ARRIVALS. Also assume the first thread is the ones who tell you about the city, and the other tags for the character can be talking with others in the city and learning more about it.

The sky rained tears, and they poured forth. )

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