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Who: Sandry, Open
Where: Pisces District streets
Summary: Sandry arrives in Hinoto-ri, but she's not yet convinced that she's not stuck in a dream.
Warnings: None

Sandry had been so sure that she had been dreaming. A very odd dream too, all about masks and something called a 'persona' and a very mysterious man. But then she when she woke up, she wasn't in her own bed. In fact, she wasn't anywhere she knew at all.

"Cat dirt, I'm still dreaming, aren't I?" she said, putting her hands on her hips and looking around her with a rather disgruntled air. Not that Sandry objected to dreaming, but waking up from one dream to find yourself in another was just...well...unpleasant! One dream was enough, thank you very much.

Although, some of the clothes people were wearing in this dream...well! She'd never seen anything like it! In fact she would have thought that she'd never be able to dream anything like what that woman over there was wearing...except apparently, she had. She had to try and get a closer look...


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Who: Everyone who wants to have some fun!
Where: Central Park. We're going to say they have a space designated for playing.
Summary: Junpei has invited fellow visitors over the network to come play a friendly game of baseball. There are free hats too!
Warnings: Uh, none yet.

Two teams, one goal. )

[[OOC: EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE is welcome to participate in this thread, even if you didn't respond to the OOC post! Just pick a team and jump in, or feel free to spectate and watch with a friend! Info post is here.
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Who: Nano Shinonome and anyone who wants free ice cream
Where: Amagi Inn lobby
When: Sunday afternoon
Summary: Nano's perfected a recipe for sea salt ice cream and wants to share
Warnings: Action brackets? Action brackets. Also, first thread is backdated to Saturday and locked to Xion.

Ever since Nano's memories got all jumbled up with Xion's, she's been trying to recreate a very specific taste that she can still faintly recall: the salty-sweet taste of sea salt ice cream. Apparently it was important enough to Xion that the taste remained on the tip of Nano's tongue too, and she thought it would be nice if she could figure out how to make it here in Hinoto-Ri to share not only with Xion, but with all of her friends. So today, after some taste testing and the Xion seal of approval, she's finally ready to reveal her creation to the world - and what better venue than the Amagi Inn, considering that Nano's now a co-manager there and that half the place's staff is already composed of people intimately familiar with the taste. On Sunday morning, after she's finished getting everything ready, Nano sends a message out to the COMPs of everyone on the Visitor network:

Today there will be an ice cream social at the Amagi Inn. I'm trying out a new recipe for sea salt ice cream, and thinking of adding it to the inn's summertime menu. Everyone is free to come and try some!

Once the guests have arrived at the inn, there will be a small reception area set up in the lobby of the inn.  Nano is there, wearing a pink kimono and eagerly waiting with an ice cream scoop and bowls to serve the guests.  She also has a number of sea salt flavored popsicles in a mini freezer that she borrowed from the Ichiban Market for the occasion, and to help keep the ice cream nice and cold while she waits for the guests to show up to try some.  Otherwise, it's just a nice little social event where everyone can get a cool treat and relax a little while they mingle with the other Visitors looking to beat the summer heat.
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Who: Maugris and Johnny for the first thread, then Maugris and OPEN
Where: A little restaurant in Virgo near the border with Libra, then wandering through the city back in the general direction of Pisces (so somewhere in Virgo, Leo, or Capricorn)
When: July 12th; just after nightfall, then during the 13th hour
Summary: Maugris finds someone he's got something in common with and has some dinner, then decides to see this whole 13th Hour business is about.
Warnings: Probably nothing in the thread with Johnny. 13th Hour threads will probably involve violence, possibly accompanied by foul language.

Vampires, mummies, and the Holy Ghost, these are the things that terrify me the most. )


Where's the fire, what's your hurry about? )
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▼ All things change, and we change with them (13th hour & arrival log)
Who: Anyone
Where: The entire city
When: Month of July (date your post accordingly!)
Summary: This is both a Newcomer log AND a General 13th hour log
Warnings: That depends who is there. Remember to mark your titles clearly if any warnings need to be issued!

▼ When it is darkest, men see the stars...(13th hour)
13th Hour Info )

▼ Ode of the Newcomer
Newcomer Information )

▼ Extra Long OOC Blurb
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▼ Quick Links
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