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Who: Minako, Minato and Minami Arisato
Where: Places
Summary: Time for some family bonding! ... it still counts even if they're all from different worlds, right?
Warnings: None?
I was gonna use Queen lyrics, but I kept thinking of songs really inappropriate to the situation, like Bicycle... )
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Who: EVERYONE who is in the Scorpio Event and not doing the boss battle.
Where: The Entire City
Summary: 13th hour. The Perfect Link's Mutation Skill is unlocked and now people have a chance against the swarming Scorpions. Unfortunately, for some, this just means the paranoia hit a new can group and join each other's posts and try to hold the city down and protect everyone!
Warnings: NPCs, Attacking, Battles.

And the sky turned Red, the earth splitting as hellish creatures rose... )
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Who: Minami, Open
Where: Virgo Ward
Summary: Minami has come to Hinoto-Ri and meets people both old and new.
Warnings: Minami and friends making fools of themselves.
Rollin' Rollin' Rolling, keep the lulz goin' )

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