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Who: The Eleven
Where: Scorpio Ward
Summary: Boss Battle.
Warnings: NOT SAFE FOR WORK FLASH It also has some music (But there's a play button so no worries)

You all somehow found your way to the Scorpio Ward. Was it earlier today? Or just due to the fighting? Does it really matter?

There is a beast in man that needs to be exorcised... )
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Who: Yu, and yu, and yu, and especially yu. :D (yes, I'm punning; it's open to everyone)
Where: Virgo, Aquarius, and Taurus Districts; any given week.
Summary: The jobs Yu applied for called back... all of them. He chose two willingly, because how bad could they be? The third... well...
Warnings: ...may be some Nyx in here. :|b

And then Yu had no life. )

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