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Who: The Visitors (Open Log)
Where: Scorpio, Cancer, Aquarius, and Taurus wards.
Summary: The Zodiac Monster Circus has arrived!
When: 19th of April, 11AC
Warnings: Evil clowns, body horror, terrifying circus-themed monstrosities.

And for my next trick... )
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[After four days of wandering around aimlessly, the inevitable has finally happened. The two Atsuros stand in the middle of Sagittarius district, facing each other down. The Shadow is no longer withdrawn and timid. Bolstered by the promises it had heard, it stares at its counterpart now with a faint smile.]

I really thought you were going to complain about how we've never beaten Hizumi at that stupid drum game... )

((Warning - Atsuro is Level Max, so the Shadow will pack a pretty hefty punch! There will be two threads for fighting with the Shadow and the Persona or fighting with the demons.))
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Who: Yuzu and OPEN
Where: The Cosplay Cafe
What: The cafe is doing a theme week for Halloween, and Yuzu is dressed as an 'adult' version of Little Red Riding Hood.
Warnings: Skimpy costumes

Happy Halloween! )
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Who: Yuzu and Atsuro
Where: A small cafe
Summary: They need to talk. And it's been a while since she's had a decent breakfast.
Warnings: Bracketspam because I'm lazy

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