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hello_mgann ([personal profile] hello_mgann) wrote in [community profile] destinystrings2013-11-27 10:45 am

M'gann's Birthday

Who: M'gann M'orzz and OTA
Where: M'gann's apartment (Libra 8-01) Backdated to the evening of the 26th
Summary: It's M'gann's birthday, come hang out with her.
Warnings: no warnings

[It's M'gann's birthday today. Recent events make celebrating seem a bit inappropriate. With the demons loose in the city and her recent off world trips, She just wants to relax with friends tonight. She's currently sitting on the couch watching her favorite show, "Hello Megan!" on TV (The main character of this show looks oddly familiar.) There are a few snacks on the table. Conner, the Machop she picked up in Pokemon world is also hanging around.]

Hey, come in and pull up a seat. It's going to be a pretty quiet evening but I'm glad you came.

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