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Welcome to Hinoto-Ri

Who: Dirk Strider and OPEN
Where: Pisces District, street outside of the apartment building. Late afternoon/sunset.
Summary: Dirk arrives suddenly and without ceremony, finding himself lost and alone in a city full of people. Somehow, all of the people around is a lot weirder to him than the whole waking-up-in-another-world part. Well, guess it's time to gather data, get bearings, and maybe actually talk with someone face-to-face. There's a first time for everything.
Warnings: None (Yet?)

[Dirk feels like he should be more perturbed about waking up in the middle of a completely foreign location, ripped from his own universe and transplanted into another, and yet here he is—not so baffled by the situation (after all, SBURB was supposed to have been something similar), but very much stymied by the presence of so many people.

They are everywhere—all over the streets, down his hall, making noise that made him jump after being conditioned for so many years to regard every external sound with deep suspicion. He is used to waves. Whirring machinery. Seagulls. What he is not used to is ambient conversations picking at the fringes of his thoughts, people laughing and shouting and milling around on streets (and even the notion of actual streets not just sunken deep beneath the surface of the sea is borderline absurd).

It's beautiful. Real streets and cars and inhabited buildings, not just sunken ones. Had he been a softer person he might shed a (completely ironic) tear. The light is golden over the tops of the buildings and everything looks like it's too clean-- too perfect-- for it to be real. His brain churns with all of this new information and can't stop reeling with the prospect of what this means about everything he'd ever known and this is almost too much and if just being here felt like a lot he can't even imagine trying to talk to another person--

He's getting weird looks now. People seem strangely uninterested in a guy walking down the street with a sword and a puppet and a very baffled look on his face, but maybe it's that he ends up standing in the middle of an intersection, only to be jostled from thought by a car honking loudly at him to get out of the way before he becomes a pancake. Dirk flashsteps out of the way and appears back on the sidewalk, bumping into something and turning to realize that it's actually someone instead.]

Oh. Uh.

[Shit. Well, guess his first conversation is going to happen sooner than he thought. Dirk takes a moment, trying to remember what to say.]

Um... right--yeah. Sorry. About that.

((OOC: And sorry on my behalf for the wordy first post, please don't let it intimidate you! I don't write this much usually, I promise-- just wanted to use my writing sample intro and then ended up writing more than I had planned. ^_-; Yeah. Hello there everyone!))

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