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4th Words: Passing Engine's Rider

Who: Atoli and OPEN
Summary: Atoli cannot motorcycle to save her life.
Warnings: Mass panic and somewhat cartoony violence??

Atoli’s alarm clock had awoken her just a little too late. The way things were, she wasn’t going to get to her little meeting with Kotoha on time!

But as she ran down the stairs, one more option presented itself to her: her steam bike, which had sat there for months unused. It should still work fine...

Welp. Here goes nothing, she thought, as she got on and took off.

Not two minutes later she’s careening uncontrollably through the city, since video game vehicles are rarely designed to be practical. She doesn’t exactly consider this, though, and to be quite honest hadn’t.

You hear a faint, high-pitched screaming of “SOMEONE HELP ME STOP THIS THIIIIIIIIIING”, and may notice a light coming straight towards you.

[No, your character won’t be injured if they’re run over. Try anything.

Definitely inspired by this log.]

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