unbroken_chain: (victory)
Super-Awesome Adventure Friend! ([personal profile] unbroken_chain) wrote in [community profile] destinystrings2014-03-05 08:52 pm

A New Power! The Ultimate Persona Appears!?

Who: Kotoha and Fumi
Where: Leo Ward, outside JP's Hinoto-Ri Branch
Summary: Kotoha and Fumi fight a dude and get MORE POWER.

Another day at JP's is over, and Kotoha has managed to talk Fumi into patrolling with her - for the past few days she's been trying to chase down a particularly elusive demon, and she could use Fumi's scanning abilities to drag it out into the open. Kotoha's got her full loadout ready for tonight - samurai helmet, Golden Mantis Charm, tac vest, stun baton, heavy jeans.

She's developed a habit of overpreparation.

"You picked anything up yet?"

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