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> Lost.

Where: Anywhere in the streets during the 13th hour, basically. (Yes I'm uncreative, I know orz)
Summary: Someone please teach Takakage how to use an Evoker.
Warnings: None of the triggering variety. However there will be stuff that are 'lost in translation', due to his native language lacking many words for modern inventions.


... this was definitely not a dream.

Darkened skies, eerie lights, angular buildings... and biting winds starkly different from that of Chugoku. What had happened? This defied all previous experience, whether firsthand or secondhand through his reading... was this a devious ambush? Or the work of something that transcended human limits? What happened to his home, then? The last thing he remembered was retiring to his room for the night. Was everyone at home alright? Had they been attacked too?

Question after question flared into existence, each one amalgamating with the others into a swirl of anxiety and worry. Takakage allowed them to rampage for a few moments more before his rational thoughts kicked in and forced them to the back of his mind.

Panicking won't do any good in such a situation. What would your father think, seeing you lose your control like this?

Taking a deep breath, he tried to still the tremors in his hands. He seemed to have passed out by the roadside - at least his book and sword were still with him. If he had lost them, it would be beyond a severe blow. After all, not only were they treasures to him, they were also his method of defending himself against... whoever set this whole ordeal up.

That is, if it was even set up in the first place. So many questions...

He picked himself up from the floor and retrieved his items, all the while keeping watch. There was no telling what may leap out at him at any moment -

- and something did leap out, as expected. There was a faint whoosh from behind him - the youth turned sharply, wincing mentally at the sudden movement - just in time to block a downward slash that would have severed him clean in half.

What was this... cat-headed creature? He had never seen anything like it.

Neverthless, it was definitely hostile - the creature quickly stepped back from their weapon lock, aiming for another opening. Takakage leapt backwards and out of range, raising his book and summoning a geyser that spouted from the floor beneath his target. The creature howled, momentarily disoriented - and he took the chance to press his advance, slashing right and left before ending with a tornado flurry of pages.

His target was down, but more of its kind had arrived. Two other cat-headed creatures appeared in place of their fallen comrade. This posed a significantly larger challenge, seeing that he knew nothing about their abilities...

... well, best foot forward.

The youth parried a strike from both creatures in succession, using the movement to fire bursts of water left and right. Their claws came very close once or twice - too close, in fact - but the rhythm of their combat swung him out of range just in time. It somehow reminded him of fighting in his father's campaigns at home -

- but these creatures weren't human. His intuition deemed it, so he need not hold back.

Carefully timing alternate strikes from his sword and book, he stunned the two creatures enough for him to position five water spheres directly behind them. They exploded a moment later with a resounding boom.

The creatures... they seemed to have... disintegrated? How strange...

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