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Discordant Aramid [General Open Aramid Room Visit]

♠ ♣ A Game of Chance ♥ ♦

Who: Anyone
Where: Aramid Room
Summary: Aramid Room! It's like the Velvet Room but with Poker. And Blackjack.
When: Any day you'd like starting the 15th until the 30th
Warnings: Some characters may have terrible desires. It depends who is there, but this IS the Aramid Room.

From the quiet sea of the collective unconsciousness, two rooms were born. The first, one to hone Personas, to calm the soul. Visitors may have seen one, sometimes the other, but most oftentimes both.

The red door leads to the other, The Aramid Room. It shows up when Patrons least expect it, unlike the steady glow of the Velvet Room's Blue Door. You might look over and there it is, waiting for you. Walk inside, and Patrons will know right away that this place is completely different from the other. The first thing that Patrons hear if they chose to walk in is the sound of a piano, somewhere down below.

This is the Aramid Room - or rather, a Patron's own personal room within it. The room looks pretty lavish at first glance; pretty flowers, polished furniture, silky, comfortable-looking bed sheets... but when one looks closer, they realize those flowers are fake, the furniture is of veneer, not actual wood, and the bed sheets are nylon. It is like a tacky love hotel - hell, even the bed is shaped like a massive heart, with black and red sheets.

Resting on the bedside dresser is a plain white mask, a bowl of apples which never seems to run out, no matter how many are eaten, and a small red key. The mask has a little note underneath that says "Please wear when leaving for the lounge, thank you!". There is even a bell for room service beside it - or so one can presume in any case, since this place is mimicking a hotel so closely...

A small, 10 inch late 1990's television mounted up on the wall, and its remote resting beside next to the bed, with no brand. For most of the time, all that is displayed is loud static except for brief moments of clarity, where it seems just commercials play - commercials that, strangely advertised a Patron's deepest, darkest desire, no matter how fantastical or illegal they are...

But that's if one wishes to stay in the room and not leave. But mankind has always been curious, and so leaving may be in order. If that's the case, all one has to do is don the white mask and leave. To the right, rows of locked doors stretching infinitely down the hallway - no matter how long the walk, all are closed and impossible to get in. The stairs to the lower level are to the left

Follow them, and enter the lounge beyond...

A dashing young man in a suit greets you, dealing out playing cards for what appears to be blackjack-like game. The music heard upstairs has picked up a faster pace than before.

Unlike the Velvet Room which calms one's soul, this one brings one's mind to burning urgency, and a desire to battle. There are many seats, and a few drinks for one to take, free of charge. As long as one has their mask on, they will completely remain anonymous. If not...well...all's fair here.

If the Patron choses to join the blackjack game, it will be easy to realize that this isn't the typical game, played with the tarot cards instead of the normal ones. The dealer speaks, his voice is soft, comforting and deep.

"Good evening, my friend. Please enjoy the company of others tonight. Let's all have fun together, hmmm?"

You may want to ask him about the pair a little farther from him. What looks like a horned lady, and a man with dark black hair and a single red rose in his pocket...

[OOC : Welcome to the Aramid Room!
▶ Feel free to thread out your character in their room. Remember that unless a character has willingly removed their mask, no one knows who the others are.
▶ To get a new Persona, pick anything available [HERE] and then fill out a notification that you’ve switched [HERE]. You can do this at any time, but we figured we’d remind you! KEEP IN MIND THE ARAMID PERSONA REQUIRES A MOD TO LOOK OVER since they have a chance to mutate!
▶ Requests from Edgar and Catherine can be found [HERE]. As a bonus if you request it this month, you can thread out the request in this log.
▶ You can talk with Kuranes, Edgar or Catherine, or just hang around, have a drink and just talk between yourselves.
▶ Start your own thread, and write if it's open or if they are heading towards one of the three.]

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