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小早川 隆景 | takakage "will die for you" kobayakawa ([personal profile] thirdarrow) wrote in [community profile] destinystrings2014-05-12 10:07 am

oh my god saionji what is it this time

Who: Takakage and Saionji (closed log)
Where: Libra Ward, 13th Hour
Summary: Takakage teaches Saionji how to use her persona.
Warnings: small shouty yellow subject, to quote Desco

big bro kobayakawaaaaaaaaa come help me with my persona

im in my room

The message was delivered in plain text as-is, with no explanation. Takakage sent three replies asking for more details, but Saionji didn't respond.


It had been merely a week since Saionji arrived. To be honest, he was surprised that she hadn't come running to him earlier. Perhaps she found someone else to do her bidding....

He arrived outside Saionji's apartment at eleven p.m.. Hopefully she hadn't fallen asleep - her message was sent an hour before that.

I'm outside. Could you open the door?

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