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Beyond the Dome - [OPEN TO ALL]

Who: Open to All (As of June 16th)
Where: OUTSIDE the city.
When: From the 9th until the early morning of the 23rd.
Summary: New arrivals find themselves in areas unexplored as the others search for them
Warnings: Depends on the players!
Music: This one | Map: Here | Additional Info: First mod post here | Second most post forthcoming.

You remember the words of the strange, butterfly-masked man. You can here to protect a city, correct? And yet... you seem to be nowhere near one. Perhaps he meant that city in the far off horizon, barely seen against a reflecting shield of glass?

Either way, you don't feel safe around here. Maybe it's a hunch, but you need to move and get somewhere safe. Before whatever is lurking around notices you.

The problem is... where should you go?

The teleporter worked!

...Except you're not exactly sure where you landed. Thankfully, you have a map that will update as you go, courtesy of the MAGI. It does appears to be working, so now its a question of snooping around....wait what was that noise?

Make sure you've noticed where the teleporters are located. You wouldn't want to get stuck in this strange outside world...

[☿ Mercury Zone]
You have a feeling that the city you need to protect is not the one in ruins around you. Otherwise, it's already destroyed.

The stench of death is everywhere, from the cracked buildings to the water-logged homes missing their ceilings. Still, it's some form or protection against the elements, and there's sure to be canned food around here.

The cold, chilly air at night gets to your bones, but during the day, the hot weather makes you seek shade.

[♀ Venus Zone]
There is forest all around you, the trees hiding most of the sun. What you an see, the crystal-like shell of the barrier (not that you know it's a barrier) to Hinoto-Ri spans high into the sky. There's nothing to restrict your view here, otherwise. The climate is surprisingly warm if humid.

Maybe you should try to get out, or build a shelter. Either way, best not to stay too long before something finds you...

[♂ Mars Zone]
It's hot. Way too hot. You look around, with nothing but sand and dry bones scattered around you. not to far the sand dips inward, cracks of shining crystals that turn out to be salt hinting that this may have been a bit of salt water before everything evaporated.

Perhaps it would be best not to stay here for long. Nothing looks edible. There seems to be water on one side, and on the far horizon, you can spot a cavern.

Hopefully it's not caused by the heat. Let's start walking.

[♃ Jupiter Zone]
Giant mountain full of jagged sharp rocks that reach high into the sky rise in front of you. When you turn, you notice a city, but a crystal-like substance stops you from being able to go inside, no matter how hard you try pressing on it.

There's only on area you can go through. The metal and stone bridge that goes right through the middle is interesting, though. It looks like the remains of a rail system. Just be careful where you step, as the way down does not look in any way safe. Those crevices could kill a person if you fell down...

[♄ Saturn Zone]
Snow. There's so much snow. The temperature is cold, maybe in the middle of winter, but it's the winds that snap at your skin, making you shiver. You need better covering. Yet despite the weather conditions, you spot a city in the far off horizon. Maybe you could make it in a few hours. It's better than just standing here, right?

[♅ Uranus Zone]
You're surrounded by pieces of desolate abandoned city, the buildings crumbling but still standing. Skyscrapers, upturned cars, fallen road signs hint that this was once a bustling city but whatever happened to it must have hit hard...

Plants grow around each abandoned area, appearing to have become giants for several decades already... yet despite your worst fears, not a single remain of dead human skeletons can be found.

But something is off. Why is the plant floating in the air? There's a car flickering as if it's glitching. Things begin to whisper in your ear, laughing and giggling. Sometimes you swear you heard something move...

[♆ Neptune Zone]
It's humid, but not unpleasant. A giant body of water as far as the eye can see gently rocks its waves upon the sandy beach. Plants are growing around you, and you can easily spot fruits that are edible such as apples and avocado.

Yet there's an odd urge to explore the water. Maybe you could go take a dip...

[♇ Pluto Zone]
Rocky mountains greet you at your arrival The giant mountain range reaches into the sky, as high as the crystal-like barrier protecting the city, blocking you from being able to go inside.

You spot caverns farther down ahead, but it might take you a few hours to get there. Best be on alert...

[OOC: Hello new and returning characters alike! While characters will not know the zone names, we've provided you with a map to aid you moving around.

Keep in mind a few things:
▶ Pick the zone you want to appear in! It's entirely up to you.
▶ For newcomers coming into via this plot, each zone has a giant red X. This is where your character will appear in that zone. After that, they'll need to walk/fly/swim around. Maybe they'll get lucky and find tools to help them.
▶ For those using the teleporter, the blue summoning circles are where your charatcer appears. These lead back to the central MAGI building located under town hall.

▶ Monsters can show up during your posts from time to time
▶ The zones colors indicate how dangers the areas are. Also keep in mind that once your character hits an orange and red zone, persona and canon powers steadily begin to decline each hour. After a day, they are unable to use their powers until they return to the yellow and green zones, whereupon it will take an hour for all their powers to come back in full.
▶ Characters will be stuck here until at least the 15th, minimum, so feel free to have them move around! It takes about 5 to 12 hours to move from one zone to another in full, depending on the temperature and terrain.
▶ Your character may end up finding items and possessions from their world. Mods will be watching the threads and adding descriptions and items as we go along.
▶ Characters do NOT have their COMP system upon arrival, even if they were here before; everything is stuck inside the city right now! So you do not have a means of communication if you don't speak the same language for now, time to use those pantomiming skills you've been working on (probably).
▶ If a new character crosses someone who's already lived in the city, they will be able to share their watch with them for translation purposes until they return to the city.

▶ We suggest showing up in the same area as someone else to have a better chance of survival. Not that characters will die (as it is permadeath in this game) but the state of the characters until next week when rescue begins may be less... healthy than others if you throw caution in the wind.
▶ This being said, we won't make life too hard for you. If we see your character struggling, we'll provide them with something so they don't die two days into exploring either.
▶ There are surprises and clues waiting in certain areas.
▶ Please have fun, and enjoy the game!]
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[ He peeked out from behind the trees at the lake, feathers still fluffed up even after they'd gotten away, and gave his wings a quick shiver to flick off the bit of water the tips' feathers had gotten on them when he'd crossed over the wall. He turned back to the other two, pulling those wings up around him to hide in them again, his fingers over their wrists, in front of his collar. ]

What about... ah... that way? Since... it looks as though we're... already somewhat headed that direction?

[ He took a hand off his wings, to point over his shoulder in the direction he meant: to keep the lake on their left. ]

Would that... be all right, perhaps?

[ If nothing else, it left the demon they'd just encountered further behind them. ]
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... That's more than acceptable.

[ He'll turn to Avitus--the concern is obvious. Michael is quiet for a moment. He just hopes that Diarama is enough to help. Urgh, why isn't his Compendium functioning...? He could easily fix this situation, if it were. ]

I saw some fruit trees earlier, so I think we'll be able to find more... but... more importantly, are you all right?
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[Kachessa isn't too concerned, but she will stop to check him over momentarily. They can worry about him later--when they stop. Although... Food would be good.]

...Food's a good idea. And as much as moving is smart, we may eventually need to set up a camp...
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[ He nodded a little, looking down a moment. He wasn't hurt yet, just shaken. He'd better in a minute, and his feathers would lie back down again as proof. Right. Just... take a deep breath -- and it was a large one, not that they could see well, with his wings surrounding him like they were. Take a deep breath, and resume walking with the rest of them. He'd be fine. ]

To sleep for the night, you mean?

[ He hadn't even considered it, but... Kachess was right. If they didn't make it back to the city somehow by night, they would need to rest.... ]

At least there's fruit for you....

[ He wasn't about to bring up his own diet. Not yet. They'd just have to get back to Hinoto-Ri, and he'd be fine then. Go to a grocery store, get more blood from the meat counter... he'd be fine. ]
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[ ... He considers it. Food? Eh. He'll be fine. He's part of the Room. Technically, he has no more need to eat or drink than any other ageless Shadow-thing. He LIKES doing it when possible, but he has to admit it helps in a survival situation... as long as that's still a thing, at least. This world seems to have imposed some limits on him, probably part of Philemon's... test. He doesn't doubt his Master (Masters?) would put him somewhere that he could help others, but no one ever said anything like this would be easy.

So maybe helping these two is what he HAS to do. So he will try his best to provide good service, even in a challenging environment. ]

Sir Avitus, forgive me for asking, but will you be all right without anything?

[ He can tell what Avitus is. He's not stupid. Dietary restrictions... a vampire would definitely have them. ]

As for the situation on shelter, getting off the ground is more important, yes. I won't get tired very easily, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be cautious. ... I apologize to you both, though. It seems this place has... limited my ability to protect you, somewhat. However, I can more than put my Persona's abilities to use for that, if nothing else.

[ Understatement. Of the century. It's more than "somewhat". ]
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That's right. Something not human would eat something else...

[...That hadn't really occurred to her just yet. But it does leave her even more worried for how they're going to get by. Two humans and something not human, so dietary restrictions apply to at least one of them.]
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[ He glanced from Michael to Kachess, at the latter's remark, pressing his wings tighter around himself and sinking down another inch. He looked away again, eyes on the ground. Something not human.... ]

I'll be fine for now. I fed before I went to bed... and I've gone without before anyway. I'm sure we can get back before I need anything again.

[ He didn't want to have either of them worried on his behalf -- or worried about him and whatever it was they thought he might do. He'd had quite enough of that from Hinoto-Ri's natives already. Not that it had been many of them to react badly, but it was enough for him to know that it was an option, and it was painful enough each time. He didn't want a repeat. Kachess was unfriendly enough toward him as it was.... ]
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[ He's going to pause a moment. They've walked far enough, and he really can't justify allowing this to go on--not when he can see Avitus' reactions to things. He doesn't know what Kachess went through, but whatever it was, it isn't fair for him to single out someone, intentionally or otherwise. ]

I presume he did not intend you any harm... all the same, I do want to point out that appearance or species alone does not automatically make you a horrible person. Behaving like that is another story. As far as food goes, I asked because I was concerned, Sir Avitus, not about what you may or may not eat, but about your condition. ... And anyway, I doubt my Master would be happy to know I was providing poor service even outside my workplace, especially to Persona users.

[ Kachess MUST have the potential. It's just... waiting to be awakened. He can feel it. ]

So, again, I apologize for the situation, but when we find a place that's sure to be good to set up camp, considering we don't know how much farther the city is... I will do my best to help with that.
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Ah, my apologies. I didn't mean it in any negative way. It simply didn't occur to me until now you may have another diet. If you were to betray us, earlier would have been a good time.

[Indeed, he'd done just the opposite. He was only told to get her out of there, but grabbed Michael, too, and saved them both. She will bow slightly. She may not trust him fully, or want much to do with him beyond their current situation, but he doesn't seem like he'll betray them easily.]
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[ He sighed, looking between them, and shook his head, looking to Michael first. ]

You've nothing to apologize to me for. I don't exactly frequent the Velvet Room as it is, and I... I'm not certain I need what the Room is there to give. No offense. ...And what I have to have isn't... something I want to burden you with.

[ Another form of the power they'd been granted here? He didn't have a want to use it in the first place. And he wasn't certain what else Michael might be referring to. He'd been set outside with them, hadn't he? And was apparently just as lost, so he couldn't have been assigned as their guide, so there wasn't any reason for guilt there, right?

He looked to Kachess.

And I'm sorry I didn't help much more earlier. [ A glance back to Michael; it's for him as well. ] I'm just... not... a fighter. My clan protects the humans, where I'm from. But I... I stay within the castle and... I make the stained glass, and the displays for the library. I've no idea why I was placed outside the City, if I'm to help it; I'd assumed they needed an architect again to help them strengthen it, like they did before, but....

[ He looked down again, fingers burying themselves further into his feathers. He's already feeling useless out here, and the idea that he needs them to protect him, while he knows it to be true, still makes him feel guilty. ]

But here I am....
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[ ... He might have a bit of a knowing smile, here. Oh, Avitus... ]

No offense taken. As you hold a Persona, what you choose to do--or not do--with it is your decision. And no one else's. Some do not ask for this power; it simply appears. ... Regardless, however, it is therefore my job to make sure anyone I come across, usual guests or no, is treated with the respect they deserve. ... And off the record, I would feel this way even if neither of you held the potential in your hearts. Because I believe everyone deserves as much.

[ That said... ]

But yes, here you are. Here we all are, really. You know, you're here saving both of us. Due to my own incompetence, no less. So I wouldn't worry that much. Things don't happen without reason.
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...If you need to learn combat, I can at least take care of that.

[It's not out of kindness, but necessity. He can't freeze up again.]
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[ If he needed to learn combat....

He swallowed, trying not to let his nervousness show. If he needed to learn combat, there was the presumption he'd be seeing more combat. And as much as he couldn't deny that it was a possibility, it wasn't one he wanted to think on.

I'll... keep it in mind. Thank you.

[ He kept his voice quiet, and gave another glance to Michael, keeping his expression neutral again, like he'd done so many times before. ]

So you... think that that may be why I was sent out here? To assist the two of you?

[ A little look back at Kachess, still shy of the whole idea. Him, fighting? Him, taking a more active, direct role in protecting others in dangerous situations? He'd be lying if he said the thought didn't scare him a bit. He didn't have a whole lot of confidence in his ability to do that yet. ]
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It's quite possible. ... You know, I once knew a girl who couldn't fight, either. So her Persona aided her by letting her assist her friends, away from the front lines...

[ What he's trying to say, Avitus, is direct combat isn't always the answer, anyway. ]

Regardless, my abilities would normally be sufficient, but it seems my connection to the Room's power isn't working, for some reason. Food is not a priority for me, either. I have combat experience. ... But Sir Kachess, fighting thing with magic isn't exactly easy. ... What do you intend to do?
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I slew a demon before.

[She'll gesture to the key at her neck, then.]

I was clever and used a magical item. Beyond that...

[...She's going to make a point and suddenly scoop Michael up with ease. Holding him up with one arm.]

...I'm a lot stronger than I look.
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[ He stared at the display there, wanting to protest all of this somehow, but he couldn't come up with anything at the moment. One was offering to teach him to use the power every Visitor was given here, and the other wanted to... what, to teach him to fight hand-to-hand? He swallowed again, feeling his feathers fluff again as he looked between the two, sinking yet another inch before he caught himself and took a half-step back to turn, rather than let himself sit down there where he was.

Were those really his options? Use a power he didn't want, or become more like the rest of his clan, despite being so thoroughly unfit to do so, at least in his own mind?

He made a small sound under his breath, something like a high little peep, unable to take his eyes off them.

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[ ... Well okay, he's slightly impressed, Kachess, but still. There is something slightly more important, here: ]

... No one is forcing you to do anything, we're offering the option.

[ But, seriously, he'd never encountered someone so... afraid of a Persona. A Persona was PART of you--it's like being afraid of your own potential to protect yourself and others. It's utterly baffling.

Unless... his Arcana... hm. ]

... Sir Avitus, I have to ask, though... what are you afraid of, that our simply wanting to help you would make you feel like we're trying to harm you instead?
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Indeed, as he said, it's merely an offer.

[She'll set Michael down, puzzling over the boy. Why is he so afraid?]
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[ Reversed Star. A lack of having, or being able to accept, or see, options, help, a way forward. A lack of peace. A lack of a light somewhere at the end of the long, dark tunnel. A lack of hope.

He lowered his head, looking to the ground, not coming out from his wings any.

I didn't say I thought you were.

And I'm not a 'Sir'.... Especially not here.
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[ ... Someday, that Arcana will become upright again. Michael is a faithful person. And so he will just smile. ... He appreciates you putting him down, by the way, Kachess.

It's a shame, but time can help a lot of things. He just resolves to make sure Avitus is one of those things he can aid. ]

You know, that may be, but I respect you, Sir Avitus. Did you not say you were an architect? Besides which, you saved our lives. ... I do, however, wish to say that if you should ever find yourself in doubt, or confusion, or in need of company, I will be more than happy to help.

[ He won't pry beyond that, for now. Avitus is obviously uncomfortable answering that. That's really not his style--or his place. It isn't his decision to force, or make. ]

... If you're an architect, would you be willing to help us make shelter?
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Whatever is needed for materials, I'm sure I could manage it. I just need to know what you need.

[They're in this together for now. So she has to play nice, no matter her thoughts on his species. And really, he seems almost a coward.]
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[ Almost a coward? No, he very much was. He would admit it, too. It was his fear that had kept him from learning to stand up for himself, to fight in the first place, so long ago it wasn't even laughable any more, and kept him from picking it up since. It was his fear, manifesting in more subtle ways, playing off how he'd been raised, which kept his body language submissive and docile, and undermined his confidence.

He sighed, but nodded, biting the inside of his lower lip.

I'll try. I don't know how good I'll be at coming up with something that works well out here... but I'll try. For now, though, I'd... rather keep moving. If we can just find our way back to the city, then there won't be any need.

[ As happy as he was to see living, healthy trees, knowing how woefully rare they were, where he was from... it meant that he had little idea how to use them in construction, and honestly, little want to do so. Killing any, or even merely removing branches, seemed a rather terrible thing to do, and there weren't many other options for building materials around them that weren't plants, certainly not the stone and brick and metal and glass that he was long accustomed to. But if it should rain.....

He didn't want to think about that. He didn't have his coat to shield him, even if one of his brothers had preened and oiled his wings for him just the other day... so they may have to build something after all. It all depended on whether or not they'd have to spend the night outside, before they could get back to the city.
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If I may... it'd be preferable to use as little as necessary. If we can't reach the city, we should attempt to find something naturally formed first. It'd likely be more sturdy, as well.

[ Yes, Avitus. This isn't his first rodeo. Still, Michael is a people-pleaser, so this is what he's trained to do. And he will try to do it. ]
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Yes, we should probably keep moving. We'll worry about shelter when it gets dark.

[Kachessa's not going to wait around. It's time to start walking.]
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[ He nodded. If they could find a cave, that would surely be better than having to make something. He'd much prefer a proper bed -- even one of the humans' beds. Give him a fluffy blanket and a pillow or two, please! But when that wasn't an option....

Actually, come to think about it, as it surely wouldn't be an option, if they couldn't reach the city before night, Kachess and Michael would be just as lacking in bedding. Maybe, if they all had to spend the night out here, they could use his wings? ....Or Michael could. He wasn't certain Kachess would want to take him up on the offer.

And, seeing Kachess already heading off, he gave Michael a glance and turned to follow.
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