Nov. 5th, 2012

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Who: Anyone who Ideo recommended go work with the Wise Men.
Where: Gemini's Molecular Anomalies Gnosis Institute
Summary: After Ideo recommends a few people to go work with the Wise Men, they get to see the strange inner workings of their research. Good times and perhaps science is had by all.
Warnings: SCIENCE
Note: You can still go get a job by talking to Ideo or replying to the Job Posting. (OOC - you can also always talk to me and arrange it.)

Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing. )
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Who: Open to Everyone, but only Newly Accepted Characters can start threads.
Where: All around the city, anywhere from the 5th to the 20th.
Summary: Newcomers arrive and by now the Government is more ready and sends everyone out to go people hunting.
Warnings: ARRIVALS. Also assume the first thread is the ones who tell you about the city, and the other tags for the character can be talking with others in the city and learning more about it.

The sky rained tears, and they poured forth. )
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Who: Minako, Minato and Minami Arisato
Where: Places
Summary: Time for some family bonding! ... it still counts even if they're all from different worlds, right?
Warnings: None?
I was gonna use Queen lyrics, but I kept thinking of songs really inappropriate to the situation, like Bicycle... )
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Who: Shura and Ferrus
Where: Capricorn ward during the extra hour
Summary: Trying to awaken Ferrus' Persona?
Warnings: Bare boobies
It's time for CULTURE SHOCK )
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Who: Nessiah and everyone else
Where: The entrance to the Libra Ward hotel
Summary: Nessiah has a mind to see what magic still works in this place - and he's chosen Tarot cards to experiment with.
Warnings: None so far, none likely.

The cards, the cards, the cards will tell the past, the present, and the future as well. )

[Tarot readings will be real readings from an actual deck.]
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Who: Arturia and Atsuro
Where: Aquila Library; Aquarius Ward
Summary: Arturia and Atsuro hit the books to find out more about astrology and the history of Hinoto-Ri.
Warnings: Too many books?
No, seriously. I have Astrology For Dummies right in front of me )