Nov. 11th, 2013

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Who: Allelujah, Hallelujah, and open.
Where: A couple locations around the city during the day and at night.
Summary: Even Gundam Meisters have chores.
Warnings: Hallelujah (so violence and language). Will warn for more as it comes up.

Cancer District - 10 AM )

Virgo District - 2 PM )

Sagittarius District - 13th Hour (Hallelujah) )

Sagittarius District - 13th Hour (Allelujah) )
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Who: Ruri, some monsters at a point, and open
Where: A couple locations around the city during the day and at night of the 11th. The park during the 12th.
Summary: Ruri is bored and while not an engineer, she's got schematics
Warnings: SCIENCE!

Sadly Super Science never has the right parts )
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Who: Nano Shinonome and all of her female CR
What: Girls' Night!  A big girls only sleepover party.
Where: Amagi Inn, Scorpio District
When: The night of Saturday, November 9th
Warnings: Hopefully none!

[Things have been pretty busy in the city lately, and Nano thinks it's high time she and her best girl friends got together for another night of fun at the Amagi Inn.  And since she's in charge of the place and November isn't exactly the busy season, she's got the whole place reserved for a big sleepover party on Saturday night.  It's a girls' only get together, but open to quite literally anyone and everyone she's ever talked to before.  She'll be in the main hall to greet people as they come in, and there's snacks and refreshments set up along with a huge assortment of movies to watch on the big screen TV in the lobby.  Everyone is free to pick and choose whatever rooms they want to stay in, and of course the hot springs are open to everyone.  It's still cold and snowing outside, but the water is nice and hot as always for anyone who wants to take an outdoor bath.]

((OOC: There will be a few sub threads going up for various interactions, but feel free to make your own threads too!  This will be a big tagging free-for-all, so just have fun with it!))