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Something Old, Something New

▼ Something Old, Something New (13th hour & arrival log)
Who: Anyone
Where: The entire city
When: The news two weeks
Summary: This is both a Newcomer log AND a General 13th hour log
Warnings: That depends who is there

▼ When it is darkest, men see the stars...(13th hour)
The night sky once again turned red as the 13th hour hit the city. By now it was almost too easy to accept it. The moon (or what was of it up there) shone, affecting the monster population in subtle ways.

By now, even the strange events which had happened almost seemed a little too common. The pulls from a new building, or the odd creatures that showed up and increased the population for that hour gave rise to new oppertunities; both good and bad.

To keep the population safe, the mayor had asked the city to stay inside that night and let the city police and visitors do their job, despite the dividing population on this issue. For the most part, there wouldn't be much resistance.

Each night, the sky was always filled with at least one or two signs of something new, and people were ushered inside buildings as much as possible.

Who knew. Maybe tonight you'd get lucky.

▼ Ode of the Newcomer
You're not in your homeworld anymore. That much is evident. So how do you feel? Happy? Sad? Troubled? A little of all three? No matter what, the memories of a butterfly man named Philemon are fading like a dream; you'll remember the details, but perhaps not everything he has said. What time you showed here seems to be as random as everything else; if you were lucky it was during the day, if not, well the 13th hour was rather dangerous. Fortunately, there was a high chance you'd be spotted quickly.

...hopefull anyway.

There is one word that stays with you, however.

Persona. to save the city, huh? First you'll need to find out more information. And who knows, maybe a familiar face or two...

▼ Extra Long OOC Blurb
[(Make sure you read it!) This is a dual log, both 13th hour, or newcomer posts (we're testing it out to see this works well or not.)

This will be up to you on what you want to do; start a new post where you can character's name and OPEN and write the days they'll be wandering during the 13th hour.

If you are a newcomer, write OPEN and what hour they arrived. It can be the 13th hour if you want too!

Join other people's post, do some exploration, post them fighting monsters and just have some fun leveling up / interacting! For this log, you can level up persona, but not in the same thread and the same day, IC-wise. Please do not abuse this. The conditions is that the fighting must happen on different days. The threads should be long enough that an attack is possible and shouldn't just be a few comments just for the sake of leveling up (Ie, we want effort in them, as much as you would with a normal log.).

If you submitted a building and it was accepted, feel free to start a post with them discovering it! The original owners who submitted will be the first to see them, due to a strange pull that made they feel like they NEEDED to go to that area. What they do with this information is up to them; they can contact others in their group, start exploring by themselves or allow the thread to be open for others to come in with's all up to you. That next morning, the government will be coming over to analyze them (that will be done offscreen, however).

FOR THE CREATURES 1) The creatures have to be in the Beastary for you to use them. You don't need to use creatures from your own home worlds either, as long as someone's put in a creature in there! Also, make sure your characters could logically take on the creatures you pick let's not have them take down a giant creature when they couldn't normally.]


▼ Quick Links
Hidari Shoutarou | Open | 4th, during the 13th hour.
Jun Kurosu | Open | March 4th, 13th Hour
Joshua Kiryuu | Aries Ward | Open | March 5, 8th hour
Neku Sakuraba [AU1] | Scorpio Ward | March 5th, 3PM | Open
Midori Komaki | Pisces Ward | Open | March 5th, 9th Hour
Adamaï | Sagittarius District | March 5th, evening
Shiki Misaki | Aries | March 5th, afternoon | Open
Miyabi Hanakouji | Public Metro | March 6th, midday | Open
Sanae Hanekoma | Virgo District | March 5th
Haru | Any ward | Open | March 6 6AM
Geis | Open | March 6th, 13th Hour
Yami Yuugi | Virgo Ward | OPEN | Monday 4th, 13th Hour
Sora Naegino | Nyx's Club | The 6th
Rätsel Feinschmecker - The 6th - Aries Ward - Open
Zuko, Weds the 6th, Virgo
Joshua Kiryu (AU) | Virgo District | March 6th (early evening)
Lisa Silverman | Virgo Ward | Open | March 9th, morning
Benjamin Linus | 13th Hour, March 13 | OPEN
Souji Seta [AU2] | March 12th, 13th Hour | Aquarius Ward
Lanister | March 12th | Leo-13th hour | OPEN
ryu / petit frost statue / virgo ward
Yosuke Hanamura [AU2] | March 12th, Noon | Virgo Ward (JUNES)

Penguin's Nest - Taurus District - OPEN
The Lunar Sanctum | Gemini Ward | OPEN

Faris | Depends on the day | Open
Noda | Near Pisces Ward for the first day, then various districts after that - Open
Gegege no Kitaro | Open | 13th Hour Only
Meetra | Leo Ward, Monday 3/4 | Open
Hizumi CAPRICORN - 13th hour; Monday the 4th
Miyako Hotsuin | Open | Sagittarius | March 5th
Yuzuru Otonashi [AU#1] - Libra district & everywhere - open!
Daichi 13th Hour, Any Ward Any Day | OPEN
Chie Satonaka | 13th Hour | OPEN
Masamune Date [AU] | Virgo Ward | OPEN | 3/6 - 13th Hour
Tachikoma | Any District | Open
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Near Pisces Ward for the first day, then various districts after that - Open!

[personal profile] halberdaxe 2013-03-04 06:41 am (UTC)(link)
[First night: Ever since Noda had arrived at this strange city, he had somehow missed out on the 13th hour, and therefore never needed to deal with the persona powers. Of course, he could have learned about it through network posts or some research, but that requires thinking and Noda's an idiot.

So of course he was clueless when he saw people running into the buildings... Until, that is, he starts seeing monsters appear in the dark streets.]

What in the world...!?


[Rest of the Week: Noda's seen with his halberd, chasing after any monsters that may be lurking around in the shadows...]
eyewillprotect: (Running to defend.)

[personal profile] eyewillprotect 2013-03-05 10:53 am (UTC)(link)
Look out!

[Even though she wasn't actually on patrol duty tonight, that didn't stop her from continuing her vigil in other districts. She leaps over Noda, her skin glowing with red marks like gashes for a brief moment before it all fades away, her powers no longer necessary.

She, too, is armed, although hers is a naginata. Taking up a defensive stance, she eyes the demons beginning to appear.
halberdaxe: kaomuffin @ lj (Default)

[personal profile] halberdaxe 2013-03-06 01:12 am (UTC)(link)
[Noda was about to respond with a "I don't need help!" or something along that line, when he was faced with even more confusion.

Who was this lady, why did she look like there were glowing cut wounds for a little while, did she just jump over him and... His most important question wasn't answered yet: What were these monsters?!

He's not going to be protected by a woman, nope. He quickly moves up to stand beside the stranger, getting his halberd ready to slice at the monsters.]

You know what these monsters are here for?!
frequent_flyer: (Nervous)

[personal profile] frequent_flyer 2013-03-06 04:26 am (UTC)(link)
[He realized he hadn't actually spoken to Noda a whole lot since arriving. Otonashi lived next door, so it was only natural for them to spend a lot of time together, but they did that anyway. Noda, however, lived across town. What would be the harm in going over for a visit? If Yuri wasn't here, someone had to keep the battlefront together.]

[Of course, he wasn't expecting the abandoned streets or the sense of foreboding. He took out his handgun for comfort, similar to a security blanket, holding it down at his side as he made his way to Pisces.]

[His heart started racing as the sky grew red, filled with relief as he saw Noda stupidly standing around in the middle of the street, looking around as people slammed their doors and drew their curtains.]
Noda! [He jogs over.] What's going on?

[He hasn't noticed the monsters yet, they're... behind him.]
halberdaxe: kaomuffin @ lj (Default)

[personal profile] halberdaxe 2013-03-06 04:32 am (UTC)(link)
[Since Noda's facing Hinata's direction, he notices the monsters behind Hinata.]


[He quickly brings up his Halberd and dashes right past Hinata to swing his halberd blade right up, knocking the closest monster away at the least before the impact makes him stumble back. They're certainly a lot harder than the shadow beings they fought against in the afterlife...]

Do I look like I have answers?!
eyewillprotect: (Determination.)

[personal profile] eyewillprotect 2013-03-06 06:37 am (UTC)(link)
Stand back!

[Hey Hinata, did you notice that there's a girl here too, because that's totally a thing. Closing her eyes briefly to focus, a card appears before her before shattering, causing the appearance of a winged girl. As she opens her eyes again, she calls out a strange word:]


[The Persona gives a nod and flies forwards, waving a hand and causing the monsters to be swept up by the wind.]

Get ready; that won't have stopped them for long.
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[personal profile] frequent_flyer 2013-03-06 07:04 am (UTC)(link)
[His breath catches in his throat as Noda lunges past him, half expecting Noda to attack him. He turns to berate Noda for brandishing that axe around when he sees... monsters!?]

[His first instinct to point his gun at them.]
Get back! [He pushes past Noda, firing off a few rounds at the beast. In the excitement, he didn't realize there was someone else there until the wind sweeps up the creatures, prompting Hinata to stagger backwards in shock.]

W-what!? [He turns to the source of the voice. She seems to know what she's doing...] How do we defeat them!?
halberdaxe: kaomuffin @ lj (Default)

[personal profile] halberdaxe 2013-03-06 07:09 am (UTC)(link)
[Noda's looking over at this new person who appeared out of nowhere a look questioning the same question as Hinata as he quickly gets ready for another attack.]

My weapon has little effect on these creatures. [A pause, gesturing towards the winged girl.]

What is that being, exactly?
eyewillprotect: (About to fight.)

[personal profile] eyewillprotect 2013-03-06 07:22 am (UTC)(link)
It's a Persona. If you are new, yours may not have awoken yet. [Not that this is her Soul Persona, but - it's hard to explain everything when you're in the middle of a battle.]

It's possible these demons are resistant to physical attacks. Please leave this to me.

[She focuses once again, and Moh Shuvuu responds without any need for a verbalized command, sending yet another wave of wind at the monsters.]
frequent_flyer: :CHOIR (YAAAAAAAAY)

here i am doing horrible fourth walling and being ridiculous. i'm not sorry

[personal profile] frequent_flyer 2013-03-06 10:15 pm (UTC)(link)
[Wow! This is just like that RPG Anima where a group of teenagers summon parts of their psyches into being! Forgive Hinata for staring in awe as Aoi works.]

Wait... we get our own!? [Despite the very real, very imminent danger... this is a fanboy's wet dream. Hinata can't help but feel a little giddy, momentarily dropping his guard.] Where do we get it!?
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[personal profile] halberdaxe 2013-03-06 11:05 pm (UTC)(link)
[Noda kind of ignores Hinata's spazzing out as he glares at the Moh Shuvuu. GDIT he wants to get some kills!]

So are we completely useless against these monsters? [BECAUSE THAT'S NOT COOL.]
eyewillprotect: (It's my turn to protect you!)

[personal profile] eyewillprotect 2013-03-07 09:26 am (UTC)(link)
[Hinata pls]

I'm sorry, but I will explain it to you later-

[--And then the attack comes. Well, attacks, really; the demons are by no means down for the count yet. This time however, her skin glows with red, gash-like marks once again, and she throws her arms up as she summons a barrier to protect the three of them.

While it manages to absorb the attacks, each strike the barrier takes obviously takes some strain on her if her expression is any indication. The barrier drops and the marks fade almost immediately once the attacks stop, and she is forced to pause to wait for the skill cooldown regain herself.
frequent_flyer: (Firearm; Not worried)

[personal profile] frequent_flyer 2013-03-11 04:50 am (UTC)(link)
[Hold on, what.]

[Is the glowing a part of the whole persona thing? He's just kind of... staring. When her attacks halt, he notices her moment of pause, darting out in front of her to keep the monster at bay with his handgun.]
I'll cover you!
halberdaxe: kaomuffin @ lj (Default)

[personal profile] halberdaxe 2013-03-11 08:53 pm (UTC)(link)

[Noda wasn't going to sit back like a wuss and get protected by a girl. He follow's Hinata's example to get in front as well, getting his halberd ready to deflect any attacks.]

Girl! How do we "awaken" our summons?!
eyewillprotect: (Ready to fight back.)

[personal profile] eyewillprotect 2013-03-11 11:42 pm (UTC)(link)
[Although she leans forwards a bit to catch her breath, she quickly corrects her posture and gets into a fighting stance once more, her naginata at the ready.]

It only awakens when its user is in danger and needs to be protected.

[But... if she can help it, she would rather it didn't come to that point.]
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[personal profile] frequent_flyer 2013-03-13 04:19 am (UTC)(link)
[He glances at Noda out of the corner of his eye, stifling a small smile. Noda can be useful when he wants to be, that's for sure.]

Eh- If it only comes out if we're in danger, then how are we supposed to help!? [Forgive him for being snippy, this whole "monsters openly wandering the streets" thing is new to him.]
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[personal profile] halberdaxe 2013-03-13 04:40 am (UTC)(link)
[He looks back at Aoi with a disapproving frown.]

I agree. Are we not in a dangerous situation already?
eyewillprotect: (About to fight.)

[personal profile] eyewillprotect 2013-03-13 05:15 am (UTC)(link)
If you aren't able to protect yourself, your Persona will come to protect you instead. It's strange, but... There's nothing we can do about it.

[And another round of attacks come before she can even begin to launch one of her own. She grits her teeth and summons the barrier again, red marks and all, just long enough to deflect any possible damage.]

They aren't leaving enough time for me to attack...!