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Who: Agatha Heterodyne, Soujirou Seta, Jonathan, Eikichi Mishina, Miss Martian, Ruri Hoshino
What: Exploring the ruins
Where: Mictlan
Warnings: Violence, danger, possibly language

Let's go exploring! )

[OOC: So here they are in the first room. Obligatory 'everybody arrives mingle thread' has been cut for time. No thread order for the same reason. As I said in the plotting post, I will be adding at least one 'move things forward tag' per day. But feel free to move things forward on your own too. That said, enjoy!]
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Who: Agatha Heterodyne and Fumi Kanno
Where: Castle Heterodyne
What: Unwise scientific experimentation.
Warnings: Lucrezia Mongfish None

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Who: Everyone signed up here!
Where: It's a secret to everybody.
When: February 14th-16th
Summary: The most terrible romantic day of the year has arrived!
Warnings: Lingerie and fluff

You awaken in a dark room.

...To the sound of giggling.

"Ohmygosh, they're finally awake!" The shrill voice elicits an uncontrollable wince of pain; as the lights flicker on, the wince is liable to evolve into a full-on expression of abject horror. Everything is pink. The bed is pink. The walls are pink. The flower petals are pink. The confetti and streamers are pink. The enormous scented candles strewn about everywhere are pink.

............The tight briefs and/or lingerie that may or may not be on your body in place of your own underwear are pink (You do get to keep your clothing, so this part is optional if you don't want to play it - your characters can wake up in their normal bedclothes or day clothes if you like. However, if your characters do wake up in sexy underwear or their PJs, their normal clothes will be in a nearby dresser.)

Before you have too much time to consider exactly what's going on, the voice sounds again.

"We are going to have so much fun! We just knew the two of you would be perfect together. No connection to the outside world whatsoever! No need to thank us! Now, we'll just be here in the corner and you two can just... oh, you know!"

The fairy blushes and sighs longingly.

"OK! Good luck!"

'The two of you'? What t --

Right about then, you realize someone else is in bed next to you.

[The event has begun! Please refer to this post to see how things will go. If you prefer not to have fairies directly involved, they will very generously allow you a little time ~alone~ if you ask, though they will return. Otherwise, they will be scribbling notes, drawing and narrating your "steamy romance" (romance may not be as steamy as implied). Characters can attack the fairies all they like, but it will have no effect, as they're projecting themselves in with magic while they watch from the safety of their little pixie laptops.

Remember that you control the fairies and what they say. We've created an npc account [personal profile] pixielove and you can find the password here, so have fun! You're free to use the account or not at your discretion.

Additionally, for the 14th to the 15th at night, anyone stuck together will not be able to contact the outside world. Don't worry, the fairies will let everyone know you're safe!]
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Who: Agatha Heterodyne and OPEN
Where: Anywhere from the Pisces apartments to Castle Heterodyne in the Sagittarius district.
What: Now that her castle is in town, Agatha is moving out of the apartments.
Warnings: Snarky castle.

At least she'll have proper lab space now... )
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Who: Agatha Heterodyne, some dingbots, and you
Where: The Pisces apartments, and possibly also the other apartments via the teleporters.
What: Agatha has built herself some small assistants. They've gotten bored and are wandering around unsupervised.
Warnings: Precocious little robots. Potential mutilation of household appliances.
OOC: Let me know in the subject line if you want the Dingbots, Agatha, or both.

Dingbots~! )
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Who: Agatha Heterodyne and you
Where: Sagittarius Ward
What: A new arrival in the city takes charge of her situation
Warnings: SCIENCE! (Also action brackets because I am the laziest ever.)

[Agatha is blaming the strange dream on a side effect of lack of sleep and suddenly being shoved through Tweedle's ridiculous door. Right now the question is where that door has taken her. And what happened to the other three people who fell through it with her. Tweedle could be lost in time and space forever and she wouldn't care, but Violetta and Krosp she was a little concerned about. Not to mention the state of things in Mechanicsburg. But there wasn't much she could do about that now. First things first though, she needed a weapon....

So people who happen to be near some of the darkened warehouses may hear strange sounds coming from one of the alleyways. Clanking metal, odd whirring noises, crashing sounds. Those that dare to venture closer will find a woman holding what appears to be some sort of gun made from various bits of scrapped machinery. Her back is to the mouth of the alley, so she hasn't noticed anyone yet. She twists a small dial on the side of the gun and fire it at the trash dumpster. The alley is bathed in a bright flash of light, and when it fades the dumpster is nowhere to be found. Agatha nods in satisfaction.]

Could use some work, but it'll do for now.

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