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Who: Desco and OPEN
Where: Everywhere!
Summary: Everything is Desco and nothing hurts.
Warnings: Desco

Really, it's your own fault for leaving her unsupervised. )
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Who: Open to All
Where: INSIDE the city & the Mictlan
When: From the 9th until the early morning of the 16th.
Summary: A town meeting and temple pillaging
Warnings: Depends on the players!
Music: This one | Map: See the Temple Layout for each level

At Q's Request, Visitors gather near the remains of town hall. The half destroyed stone structure stands with three walls to serve as office, along with one undamaged desk. The situation is dire and serious.

Q is standing looking at a map along with the mayor, his assistant, Isabelle, and the Commissioner General of the Hinoto-Ri Police Force. When they see Visitors arriving, they silently nod, waiting for the time to address them all. There's not much to do, but the place is in shambles, and people are moving all around.

Members of the police and MAGI are slowly carting away pieces of the barrier that had fallen down. Perhaps it would be possible to grab a small, chipped part of it when they aren't looking? Or maybe Visitors can conduct a search in the debris nearby on their own accord...that seems less like stealing.



The Mictlan stands defiant against the reddish moon. The monsters around have become more bold, waiting to attack Visitors as they watch the city rise at night. Thankfully a few police officers have been tasked to aid them in collecting the Plumes of Dusk.

"Are you in teams yet," Q asks, as members of MAGI around him carry containers that will be used to collect the gathered items. Isabelle serves as the mayor's representative, and to count them as Visitors come back from their temple runs. Q is making sure everyone is safe...in his own way.

"Don't go in there alone like fools! Make sure you're working at least with someone else. We'll be keeping tabs up here for safety precautions. As soon as you're ready, let's get to work!"

Instructions )
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Who: Open to All
Where: INSIDE the city.
When: From the 8th until the early morning of the 9th.
Summary: Something hits the barrier, and the entire city ends up in a state of panic.
Warnings: Depends on the players!

"Good morning, Hinoto-Ri! It is now eight in the morning, and time to buckle down for most of the working population! Please work hard for the sake of the city! Thank you! Weather today is more rain in the next hour and more rain until night in all the wards, no exceptions! The rain from the past few days continues to pour and--wait...what's that noise?"

Then came a rumble... )
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Who: Desco and OPEN
Where: Just about everywhere
Summary: Desco has learned of the 'Undercover Royalty' concept. She does not quite grok how it works.
Warnings: Desco.

Your Queen Is In Another Castle )
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Where: Anywhere!
Summary: why would you ever give this shit a persona and let her run free during the 13th hour
When: 13th Hour
Warnings: Saionji's potential to swear and insult people (Saionji should be a warning in herself, tbh.)

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Who: Hizumi and you!
Where: Cancer, Virgo, and Capricorn Wards. Take your pick!
Summary: Hizumi’s decided to celebrate his birthday by… Being a friendless loser. Give him some company?
Warnings: Sad Devils who are sad and acting anything but.
Happy birthday to meeeee ♫ )
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[Action; Ichiban Market; Virgo District]

[Today, Nano can be found shopping around for discounted chocolate, marked down after Valentine's Day. She had already made and delivered plenty of obligation chocolate for her various friends in the days leading up to the love hotel event, so it's a little odd to see her out and about buying even more of the stuff. And a lot of it, too, from the looks of things. Her hand basket is almost overflowing with the stuff as she makes her way through the aisles, humming cheerfully to herself as the key in her back slowly turns of its own accord. And... is she blushing? And giggling to herself? Something is clearly afoot here, but at least so far, she hasn't mentioned it to anyone.]
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Who: Soujirou Seta, OPEN
Where: Libra Ward
When: February 4th, the 13th Hour
Summary: Another world to get used to- better train!
Warnings: N/A

The wall of pure fiction's cracking in my head )
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Who: Open to all!
Where: A nice little bakery in the Virgo district.
Summary: There's someone new working at the shopping ward. He looks a little weird, but his sweets seem pretty appetising...
Warnings: None that I can think of, save for Shelly being kind of creepy as usual Probable Dual Destinies spoilers in the thread with Bobby!

I don't care if you're full, just eat it )
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Who: OPEN (Other than the one section specified)
Where: Virgo then wherever Casa de Monster is.
Summary: Johnny wakes back up in Hinoto-ri...and it's nice and sunny out. He does some shopping, then heads home.
Warnings: None right now, will update in the future
Open to all )

Closed to Monster House )

((OOC: Feel free to run into Johnny in the market--literally or not--or tag in with your character doing something and Johnny can react/interact!))
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Who: Nano Shinonome and whoever else happens by
Where: The Naganaki Shrine, Capricon District
When: New Year's Day
Nano's making her first shrine visit of the new year

[It's a cold, crisp morning on January 1st in Hinoto-Ri, and after all the chaos of the events of the month previous, Nano's looking forward to spending a relaxing New Year's Day at home. There's just one thing she has to do before that, though - pray at the shrine for good luck and good health during the coming year. And so here she is at the Naganaki Shrine, dressed in a simple white kimono with a branching floral pattern running up the side as she approaches the steps. Fishing a coin out of the small change purse she has hanging from her obi, she throws it into the offertory box and claps her hands together. Anyone close by can probably hear her muttering her prayer our loud.]

I wish all of my friends will be happy and healthy in the new year, especially Hakase, Sakamoto, Naganohara-san, and Minakami-san back home.

[And then she draws a fortune from the box, unrolling it and smiling at the slip of paper in her hand.]

Medium blessing! It's going to be a lucky year!
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Who: Agatha Sheridan, Shadow Agatha Sheridan, open
Where: Gemini district. 13th Hour. Outside the Mictlan. Heaven or Hell, Let's Rock!
Summary: A really long overdue confrontation - and not just because it's backdated.
Warnings: Frank discussion of a really shitty childhood, probably some talk of violence in there too. Oh, and there's gonna be a Shadow fight. That too....and the Shadow is one chatty little thing.

for hope, I'd give my everything. )
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▼ A Feast of Shadows
Who: Anyone
Where: All over the city
When: December 16-20
Summary: The Shadow Event has begun! Follow the link for the event summary and post your threads here if you want. You're still free to make network posts of your own if you'd rather do that, though!
Warnings: Characters' darkest and most shameful secrets within, along with plenty of combat. Please mark any threads that will contain triggering content appropriately, since some characters have darker secrets than others.
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Who: Sam Erstwhile and YOU. The second part is closed to Desco, Johnny Rayflo, and Yosuke Otoha.
Where: Taurus district, then Desco's apartment.
Summary: Sam Erstwhile realizes its his birthday and ponders what being 21 really means. Then, finally making a decision as to where to live.
Warnings: None at the moment!

by the way i don't want a cake, it's tacky )

is wanting a bed to sleep in as a gift for my birthday that bad? )
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Who: Desco, Nano, Otoha, Johnny, and Sam
Where: Desco's house
Summary: Desco lays it all out
Warnings: Desco is her own warning Violence

Final Boss Secret Technique: Confide! )
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Who: Nano Shinonome and all of her female CR
What: Girls' Night!  A big girls only sleepover party.
Where: Amagi Inn, Scorpio District
When: The night of Saturday, November 9th
Warnings: Hopefully none!

[Things have been pretty busy in the city lately, and Nano thinks it's high time she and her best girl friends got together for another night of fun at the Amagi Inn.  And since she's in charge of the place and November isn't exactly the busy season, she's got the whole place reserved for a big sleepover party on Saturday night.  It's a girls' only get together, but open to quite literally anyone and everyone she's ever talked to before.  She'll be in the main hall to greet people as they come in, and there's snacks and refreshments set up along with a huge assortment of movies to watch on the big screen TV in the lobby.  Everyone is free to pick and choose whatever rooms they want to stay in, and of course the hot springs are open to everyone.  It's still cold and snowing outside, but the water is nice and hot as always for anyone who wants to take an outdoor bath.]

((OOC: There will be a few sub threads going up for various interactions, but feel free to make your own threads too!  This will be a big tagging free-for-all, so just have fun with it!))

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Who: Nano Shinonome and YOU
Where: Capricorn Ward, Park
When: 13th Hour, the night of October 23rd
What: Nano tries out some newly awakened powers
Warnings: Standard combat related warnings

[Nano has had a very busy month, between Geartopia and finally completing the quest she'd been given by Caroline several months ago.  She's grown and learned so much since coming to Hinoto-Ri, and apparently all of that development was enough to awaken new abilities that she never even knew were sleeping inside her.  Eager to try them out for herself, she's come alone to the wide expanse of the park in the Capricorn Ward to fight some demons.

Fortunately, the kind she was most curious about showed up first, and Nano can be found fighting a group of Heartless straight out of the Kingdom Hearts universe.  She's done this before, but this time there's something a little different about her fighting style - in place of the replica keyblade she'd been given by Naminé, the one she holds now is very much the
genuine article.  Adorned with clockwork gears, there's no mistake that this blade is very much an expression of Nano's own soul.

She spends some time darting between low-level Heartless dispatching them with her new weapon until a few larger ones show up.  At this point, Nano spends a moment's concentration to call out her Soul Persona - unmistakably so, considering she summons it directly instead of with the floating tarot card common to Velvet Room Personas.  However, this time instead of the familiar wooden puppet Pinocchio, the puppetmaster Geppetto appears in his place, lashing out with a carving knife in sync with Nano's own strikes.

Clearly, this little robot has done quite a bit of changing over the past year - a far cry from the scared and unsure little clockwork girl that arrived in the streets of Hinoto-Ri last October.]

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▼ Joint Fall Festival and 13th Hour Log!
Who: Anyone
Where: Virgo and all over the city!
When: The 22nd of September and any 13th Hour!
Summary: A combination Fall Festival log and 13th Hour log!
Warnings: Stay away if you are allergic to celebrations and fun. ...Or demons.

▼ As long as Heaven and Earth endure, I offer such to you...
Time for a Festival... Once More! )

▼ Tis now the very witching time of night
But a festival can't last forever... )

▼ OOC Blurb
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▼ Quick Links
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