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Farewell Happy Fields!

What: Aftermath of Anoli Attack: Hospital
Where: Leo Ward - Caduceus Hospital Headquarters
Summary: It is the aftermath of the Anoli attack on the Closing Ceremonies. The injured have been taken to Caduceus Hospital Headquarters, and it is time for reflection, visting, or old-fashioned escapes from the hospital rooms.
Warnings: Mild squick if people want to describe their wounds in explicit detail.

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Conquestum Paradisi

What: Closing Arena Ceremonies, Part 2
Where: Aries Arena & Televised
Summary: 1/24/10AC
Warnings: This could get serious...but who knows.

I sung of Chaos and Eternal Night, Taught by the heav'nly Muse to venture down, The dark descent, and up to reascend... )

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Who: Ferrus and YOU! (Open!)
Where: Aquila Library, in Aquarius.
Summary: Ferrus got tired of working on machines, after fiddling with them for a month or so - he's used to missions breaking up the tedium. So he gave himself a mission: learn more about Personas! Thus, reading up on them.
Warnings: N-N/A?
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Where: Mictlan

When: The 13th hour


Garviel has decided to introduce the techpriest to the xenos-breed, mostly by bringing him along on one of the semi-nightly expeditions to Mictlan. He'll grumble at him as they go, "I know you won't like this, but there's a Xenos from our world here, and he understands how dangerous chaos and Daemons are, so he's somewhat useful. Be on your guard, however. I do not trust him."

And in short order, as they walk along, they'll reach where Kais and he normally meet, and Garviel begins to wait for him, or his drone, whichever is liable to come first.
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Who: Shura and Ferrus
Where: Capricorn ward during the extra hour
Summary: Trying to awaken Ferrus' Persona?
Warnings: Bare boobies
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Who: Ferrus and YOU! Or anyone. Or scorpions. He's going to cry.
Where: Anywhere! He's on the prowl.
Summary: Ferrus dislikes scorpions, but he's caught wind of people being unable to leave buildings. He's sort of on an extermination mission.
Warnings: Mass scorpion murder?
Ferrus, you shouldn't be able to hit 3 elemental types without a persona Ferrus stahp )
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Who: Ferrus and Garviel
Where: Ferrus's apartment room. (Pisces 7-04)
Summary: Garviel has no idea how to deal with fear.
Warnings: Really, at this point, I have no idea. Beware: afraid Astartes?

i mean how the hell did this happen anyway )


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Who: The Silent wolf and you (open)
Where: Capricorn ward
Summary: Garviel teaches people how to fight with guns, blades, hand to hand, and everything but silly personas pretty much.
Warnings: Manliness, possible combat, a lot of talking.
A Knight Errant instructs )
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Who: Ferrus and YOU! (Open!)
Where: Anywhere!
Summary: Ferrus arrives on the scene, and decides the proper way to learn about the area is to explore.
Warnings: N/A, at the moment. Potentially combat?...
...since, you know, Ferrus might have an itchy trigger finger. )

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